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eDiets Review

People wanting to lose weight the easy way can read this eDiets review and learn why this great meal replacement diet program works and how it can work for them too!

eDiets is another of the great diet food delivery programs that we can recommend to busy dieters who don't have much free time to take advantage of.

It's simple and time saving to use and you can lose several pounds easily by just eating the high quality, fresh prepared meals that are conveniently delivered to your home.

So what is this dieting company all about and how can it make your weight loss efforts so much easier?

Why You Would Choose eDiets

Here are a few great reasons why you would choose to have your diet meals delivered by this particular meal replacement diet company:

What is eDiets?

eDiets is a weight loss diet company that has been helping people to lose weight through the food they eat since 1996. In that time, they claim to have served over 2 million customers! That's a figure that speaks volumes about how successful this type of diet program actually is.

Before a new customer gets started with their meal plan, they complete their personal profile. This enables the company to tailor the best diet selection to the customer.

It also helps the customer to be more specific about what their personal needs really are and helps to eliminate some of the uncertainties that can arise. For instance, many dieters are not sure even what they need, so this goes a long way to defining they specific needs and allowing eDiets to provide the right diet for the right person.

The company provides its customers with freshly prepared, nutritious and healthy low calorie meals to order. Customers can choose their meals from a substantial and widely varied menu to suit their individual needs or opt for one of over 20 specialized menus suited to different groups. The order is then prepared and shipped to customers in packages containing meals for a seven day period.

eDiets Food

How does this company's meals compare to other similar meal replacement dieting brands? For example Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig or Bistro MD.

Aside from Bistro MD, the most popular three diet meal home delivery companies offer a full 28-day meal package. Meals consist of processed or fresh frozen options. Bistro MD provides only fresh frozen meals of higher quality in 5 or 7 day deliveries.

The big difference is that the meals provided to eDiets' customers are made fresh to order and then shipped in 5 or 7 day packages. There are no frozen meals and no processed meals. There are no freeze dried meals that need to be reconstituted with water and there is definitely no cooking!

The meals are made fresh and packaged in stay-cool containers and remain fresh for up to 10 days when kept in a refrigerator.

You can choose from the full seven day plan or opt for a five day plan that allows you to be free at the weekends. This is useful if you like to socialize and maybe eat out at restaurants, while sticking to the diet during the week.

If you don't want to go with having your meals delivered to your home, there is another option available and that is to have eDiets help you with planning your diet that you will prepare and cook yourself.

eDiets Online Diet Plans

Getting professional help on creating and formulating your own personal diet can be an expensive and time consuming process. It often involves making an appointment to visit a nutritionist who will create a personal plan for you. The several consultations can work out expensive. But eDiets provide you with a much more cost effective alternative to this.

You can sign up online and get access to their own online diet plans that can be personalized to your specific needs. The difference here is that you create your own plan then go and shop for the ingredients, prepare and cook your meals and have greater control over what you eat and how much.

The other alternative is to let eDiets do all the food preparation and cooking for you.

eDiets Meal Delivery

This option id perfect for people who lead busy lives and really don't have time to work on their own diet plan, go to the store to buy all the food and then spend hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking their own meals. You simply choose the meals that you want from the extensive menu and place your order a few days before you are ready to get started.

Upon receiving your order, the meals are prepared and cooked by the company's own chefs.

They are then packaged in stay cool containers and shipped to your home. All you do upon taking delivery of your package is to store the meals in your fridge. You then simply take a meal out as you need it and heat in a microwave and in under two minutes you are sitting down to a great meal!

The quality of the meals is very high, because they are prepared and cooked to order, fresh. So you are eating fresh cooked meals and not the processed or reconstituted meals that are provided by other companies.

eDiets Cost

Of course, you get what you pay for. If you want to get away with cheap meals, don't bother signing up with this company!

You get quality according to the amount you are prepared to pay. Go into any restaurant and try and get away with a cheap meal, chances are you'll get a barely edible meal. Pay a little more and you get better quality and food you can actually enjoy.

Equate this with a diet and when you go cheap, you risk quitting early because you hate the food, plus you end up wasting your money. But pay that little extra and when you are eating good food that you really enjoy, you are far more likely to stick with the diet and successfully lose weight.

This is the philosophy with eDiets and it's a philosophy that works. The food quality is high and you will have to pay a little more to get it. Are you worth it?

Of course you are!

You can sign up and also take advantage of a great 25% discount on your first order when you click you mouse on the eDiets image banner below. Click it NOW and get started right away losing weight with quality food the easy way.


Posted on Sat, 16 Jul 2011 in Diet | 27 Comments

27 thoughts on "eDiets Review"

Howard says:

My sister went on an eDiets program a few months ago and she was pretty amazed how easy she lost weight. I couldn't believe it either, she lost 24 pounds over two months of the diet and dropped four dress sizes. She went from looking frumpy to looking great and to this day she has not put back an ounce. She works out a lot, which I reckon helps keep her weight stable but it was the diet that jump started her losing the weight so she could get fit again.

Thanks for your article review, you captured the true program and told it like it is. That's a rare thing these days.

Patrick Kallie says:

E-diet works because it gets you into the "habit" of what you should be eating. Most people need that initial push to get started. This gets you going in the right direction.

jenny says:

E-Diet doesn't leave you hanging like other diets. You know exactly what you should be eating, fitness activities and help if you need it.

Bina Roy says:


I've tried many diet plan as well as ordered food from different diet suppliers, with keeping in the mind about low cost diet. But Now a days i starts thinking about "Penny Wise Pound Looser", that is why I'm gonna try eDiets in spite of being a bit expensive. But great thing for newcomer is 25% discount. I have to try, and let you know about my experience.

Keith Jacobs says:

E-Diet is very interesting because the program focuses on diet, activity and fitness program coupled with consultation. I do agree that you pay for what you get so I will definitely recommend that my wife take a look at this program.

suzy says:

It will be really good for busy people who find it hard to sort out al of their meals throughout the day. It is a little pricey i suppose but like keith said you get what you pay for so it's definitely worth it.

Doll says:

This ediet plan seems good. I read quite a few reviews and they all seem to agree it is very good food and easy to work on. Does it really work? I wonder even as many say it does, it is still just a diet with food they send you instead of making it yourself.

clarke duncan says:

Really love your post on ediets, im thinking about trying a few out. your post was helpful :)

Kat says:

I agree: Good food is certainly worth paying for!!
The frozen, processed junk (like Jenny Craig sells) isn't healthy. And health is priceless!

Jessie says:

The website is very confusing and I would say borderline deceiving. For almost 200 dollars you are paying for tiny meals with a few snacks. I don't know about you, but for the amount I could shop for 2 weeks if not more for myself. THey have some crazy 4 day cut off deadline that they can not waive. I was forced to pay for two weeks they AFTER i got my order. To top it off, the order did not have 2 breakfast, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners of what I ordered. They substituted it for food that I would never have picked. Part of a successful diet is eating food you like so you don't cheat or veer off the diet. I don't recommend it to anyone!

Shannon says:

Aweful! Food is terrible and NO customer service. There is no guarenteed satisfaction and you have to call to cancel. You cannot cancel online. What you can do online is what they call a 'skip' so that you don't get anything for weeks, then you get a notice from UPS, not Ediets that a shipment is coming your way. Of course, there name is not listed in the tracking information, so you have to become a detective to find out what is being sent. I checked credit cards to find that Ediets or EDC Meal Delivery had charged me again! Then I called to find out that a shipment was coming my way. I was told they would do nothing. Actually, when I said I did not want this, "I was told I could just throw it away. I already paid for it.

Terry says:

Yeah, it's pretty standard practice with all the diet food delivery companies that you have to call to cancel. It's always better to speak to a real person when you cancel something rather than trust it to the website.

Liking or disliking the food is subjective. Most people like it a lot over the processed food of other companies.

Patrick says:

I just got off the phone with one of the sales people. They really push you into the delivery plan vs the online plan. They kept dropping the price of the meal plans and even through in free shipping. However, I will be willing to bet the shipping was not included in the price. Honestly, it was not a pleasant experience talking with them.

Lex says:

I agree eDiets is a really easy way to lose weight. I tried it last summer for 3 months and lost 22 pounds. The food was actually pretty good in my opinion and way better than Jenny Craig, which I tried for a month before that and hated it so much I quit early.

abbas says:

Nice review. I see people getting great results with E-diets, however you will still need to workout as well if you want to maximize your diet. The two together is simply powerful!

Samantha Roger says:

That's a real good read. The reason why E Diet intrigues me is that one gets both moral and emotional support knowing that there are thousands of others going through a similar problem.
Going to Gym is great but there you don't have the amount of strength(numbers) which you can find it here virtually plus one gets a holistic support from the people involved.
Wishing you success :)

James Clark says:

I am reading this information about e diets they seem pretty good but I have lost weight just by eating the right foods and no exercise so the person who made this comment is reasonably accurate 42 pound and counting great blog though thanks


Debbie says:

Just signed up. Hope this works. Am pretty disabled and lost my husband and father this year. Swore if I ever hit 200 lbs. I would kill myself. Well, I am at 200. Please wish me luck with this program.

Yudhi says:

It is very difficult to run a diet program but when it's intention to diet will work

Terry says:

Jessie, I don't know how much of that review you actually read and why you think it was confusing. It is certainly NOT deceitful! It is an honest appraisal of eDiets and what the company provide for you as a dieter who does not have the time or inclination to prepare and cook your own diet meals.

Of course the meals are small - it's a diet for heaven's sake! You can't expect to eat large meals and lose weight unless you are very active and workout every day. The people that this diet attracts tend not to have the time to workout every day, hence the meal portions are small.

Yes, it's more expensive than alternatives like Nutrisystem, but the food quality is much higher. You get what you pay for. If you want to eat the best meals in portion sizes that suit you personally, then this diet (or any of the other diet food delivery programs) is not for you, as you have discovered.

Yes you can buy food more cheaply but the trade off is you have to cook it yourself. If you have the time to do that then again, this diet is not for you.

Mark says:

The ediets plan mentioned is quite simple and easy to follow. A friend of mine lost over 20 pounds on this diet and said it was so easy to just eat the food they send and that's all. Anyway Thanks for writing such valuable review. Most important this is this is useful from my perspective!

Terry says:

Hey Debbie, sorry for your double loss, than must be really tough. But you sound like you're a fighter and you're not going to allow a number to be a barrier. I don't think its luck you need, just a positive slice of good old fashioned motivation. So here's wishing you a great, happy and successful diet! :-)

kyle says:

I agree with Keith, this diet really help quicken your weight loss.

Country bred & corn fed says:

Just got my meals today & tried one dinner. Pretty tasteful in my opinion. I did the Lean Cuisine dinners for 2 months one summer & lost 20lbs with NO exercise! These meals seem fresher than LC, & delivered! It's all about portion control too! I'm satisfied with the size of the meals as I am an overeater! I love that its a whole days worth of meals as LC wasn't. Cannot wait to get this fat butt offme! Trust me....this is easy & effortless! As for customer service....yes yet kept lowering the price for me too, but who doesn't like that?! I was also explained to SKIP my meals by WEDNESDAY for no charge. Nice lady too! :)

Jenny says:

I'm pretty unimpressed. I bought the 7 day package for prepared meals and called to make sure that my account wasn't automatically recharged for a second week, as I'm sure many online providers do. The representative wasn't very forth coming explaining how I would cancel the program and I was pretty disappointed with the overall design of the program. Very little upfront information and designed to make it as difficult as possible to cancel the program despite conscious inquiry. The representative didn't even mention I had to cancel on and ONLY on Thursday, so I'm very happy I read over these reviews. If the plan had been more flexible, as opposed to feeling like a trap, I would have consider continuing with ediet.

Deanne says:

This company does have good food but their business practices are deceiptful. They sent me meals and when I called to cancel the next weeks delivery I was told there was nothing they could to and was told to give the food away if I did not want it but I was getting in regardless and beith charged for it. I would not reccomend them for this reason.

jhon says:

Thanks for the article, been looking for a nice balanced meal / workout plan that does not involve buying hundreds of dollars of unnatural supplements. gonna give it a try and see how it works will post a follow up.