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Anti-Belly Fat Pill Could Be Anti Aging Breakthrough

Stranger things have happened, but one of the stranger events in the history of weight loss supplements has seen people taking the herbal-based "anti-belly fat" pill Relacore® to help slow down the signs of aging.

Consumer sales of this pill are soaring, so there must be plenty of people who are seeing some effectiveness of this pill, which could turn out to be the "anti-aging" breakthrough people have been waiting for.

Relacore was originally designed to be an all-natural, anti-stress "feel good pill," but was soon found to have properties that helped reduce belly fat in people taking it for its stress busting property. It soon gained popularity to become "America's Number 1 Belly Fat Pill" towards the end of 2001 thanks to the link between belly fat and stress becoming a high profile media attention grabber worldwide.

What's the Deal?

So what has gotten people labeling this pill as the latest "anti-aging breakthrough?"

A 2009 study that was published in the scientific journal, Hormones made the link between belly fat, stress and the acceleration of aging. For a long time, it has been observed that many people that suffer with stress over fairly long periods of time tend to take on a look of premature aging and some even look haggard.

The recent scientific correlation between these conditions has become much clearer thanks to the findings of several scientific papers that have recently been published.

Amy Heaton, PhD, who is a Carter-Reed Company research scientist has explained that research has shown there is a definite link between stress and the retention of belly fat, but there is also a connection between stress and the aging process known as accelerated telomere shortening. This is how it works:

Our body cells each contains a full set of DNA (with the exception of a few specialized cell types). That DNA is packaged in structures known as chromosomes and these are capped by complexes called telomeres. Telomeres are there to improve our essential DNA's stability while preventing the chromosome coils from unraveling.

What Happens When We Age

As we age, our cells continue to divide into new cells in a process known as DNA copying but the telomeres are not fully replicated because of limitations in this copying process. With each replication, it leads to telomere shortening. New research has suggested that telomere shortening is part of the biological aging process, or that which makes people grow old. So the faster that your telomeres get shorter, the quicker you will age in biological terms.

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, it was found that the cells tested in otherwise healthy women considered to be high stress appeared on average to be around 13 years older than the cells of similarly healthy women considered to be low stress. This means that if you can reduce the stress in your life, you may be able to remain younger for longer.

Hence the connection between the reduction of belly fat, stress, aging and the Relacore® pills. The pills are taken to reduce the stress, which also reduces the belly fat and as a by-product of this, also appears to play its part in helping to reduce the aging process.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to take pills to reduce stress. There are several excellent alternative ways of doing this, such as through meditation, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture or hypnosis. You can reduce belly fat by exercising more, eating a healthy diet and avoiding placing yourself in stressful situations wherever possible.


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2 thoughts on "Anti-Belly Fat Pill Could Be Anti Aging Breakthrough"

Carly says:

Hey, that's interesting about being able to live longer by taking a pill! I wonder how long it will be before someone discovers that doing something you actually like is good for you too. Maybe there are life-prolonging properties to chocolate we have yet to discover... I wish! :-)

dianne says:

I've be all over the net in the last few days digesting every piece of information I can on this belly fat pill that is supposed to help prevent aging. Its quite an incredible breakthrough if it really turns out to be true for most people. Great article thanks.