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Focus on Health While Losing Weight

Welcome to another of these timely Top 100 weight loss tips. This post is article number 24 in the series and provides more great tips to help you get yourself back in shape.

This post I want to look at some of the reasons why you ought to focus on health while losing weight. I mean doing this as opposed to focusing purely on the losing of that weight to the exclusion of sensible healthy ways, which is a common viewpoint from many people who are only looking at a small piece of the overall picture.

Weight Loss Should be Healthy

There is a common lie that has spread around the media. And that lie is that if you are thin, you are healthy. This is rubbish and anyone with any sense can see right through it. But the unfortunate facts are that such is the power to convince of the media, that far too many people equate being thin with being healthy and being fat with being unhealthy.

Then the want to know how to lose weight fast so they can emulate the thin fashion models they see everywhere on TV and in magazines.

Of course there is more to it than just that and that's what we're going to look at here.

There is a balance that should be aimed for when getting in shape. While you may believe that your clothes may look better on you if you are slightly underweight, this is not because they really look better on you.

It's just an image portrayed by an industry hell bent on promoting wafer thin fashionable garments that are paraded in front of us by wafer thin fashion models. It's a case of the Emperor's New Clothes!

This is a great big unhealthy and dangerous lie!

Put Your Health First

What you really should be focusing on first and foremost is your health and putting your health before any slimming strategy. It's far more important for you to live a happy, healthy life than to just look good wearing a bunch of clothes that'll only fit a broom handle!

While it is certainly unhealthy to be grossly overweight and it is desirable to be at your correct body size for your height and build, that doesn't mean you should make yourself sick trying to achieve it.

In fact, when you stop focusing on weight loss solutions and start focusing instead on getting yourself healthy, some magic starts to happen. And that is your body mass starts to find its own level.

You see, a healthy body is not overweight, so when you aim for a healthy body, your bodyweight will naturally reduce (or increase as the case may be) to fulfill your body's own pre-determined criteria for what is healthy.

On top of that, you’ll certainly thank yourself when you have reached the age of 80 and you still lead a full and active life because you always took care of your health.

So start exercising and eating fresh, natural, healthy foods and you'll be surprised what your body rewards you with!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 23 follows in the next post!


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1 thoughts on "Focus on Health While Losing Weight"

Peter says:

You're so right that focusing on health is way more important than just looking at what the scales are telling you. Trying to lose weight first to get better health is backwards. You're right that you should focus on good health first, then the weight loss will follow naturally because you're looking after your self better. Makes perfect sense really, I'm surprised that more people haven't figured this one out yet! Thanks