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FDA Clear Weight Loss Drug Contrave

In the latest news, the FDA have cleared the weight loss drug called Contrave pending a further round of studies into its safety before allowing it to go on sale to the public in general.

Having already rejected every other weight loss drug to come before it this year, the FDA have finally put their seal of approval on the last one to come before them in 2010.

A Potent Composite?

An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration voted 13 to 7 to recommend the approval of weight loss drug Contrave. This drug is a combination of two existing medications that have been available since the middle of the 1980s but that are used for completely different purposes than losing weight.

These medications are bupropion, an antidepressant and smoking cessation drug along with naltrexone, an anti-addiction medication.

However, the new drug is not completely in the clear just yet. The panel, which is comprised of experts from outside the FDA, have strongly encouraged that the FDA require further testing of the drug from its initial release onto the market, with the emphasis on safety.

One reason for this is due to the potential side-effects related to one of the drugs that make up the combined product. Bupropion is known to elevate blood pressure in some people and this causes concern over the potential for cardiovascular side effects.

In the four clinical trials that were presented to the panel, Contrave was found to help obese subjects to lose more weight than was lost by those taking a dummy pill. But results were not particularly encouraging with only marginal levels or weight lost on those subjects who also received counseling.

Adverse Events

During those trials, rates of "adverse events" related to blood pressure were significantly higher among those subjects taking Contrave than with those taking a placebo. However, the staff report states there were insufficient instances to predict the number that might be affected in a larger population.

Since this product is intended for long term use by obese patients that it could be argued already present a higher risk of high blood pressure and related conditions such as stroke and heart attack, this particular side effect may raise concerns among advisory panelists. In this case, the panel could recommend that the study is completed before the FDA approves marketing the product.

Information sourced from Los Angeles Times

Does it Actually Work?

So is Contrave the magic bullet that overweight people have been nervously munching on their king size pizzas waiting for? Will it be the thing to replace the popular diet food delivery program way of losing those excess pounds in the future?

Hardly. From the lackluster results of the studies, you'd be better off throwing the pizzas and cans of soda in the garbage and drinking more water!


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Bill says:

Contrave is just another waste of time and the FDA haven't totally approved it yet. But they probably will under pressure from consumers who are crying out for a magic pill even one that doesn't work. Just the information I needed, thanks!