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FDA Rejects Weight Loss Drug Lorcaserin

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have rejected the weight loss drug Lorcaserin amid fears of the risk of cancer.

It is the second slimming drug the FDA have rejected in the past few months, following its rejection of Qnexa over concerns over its effect on cardiovascular health.


weight loss drugsArena Pharmaceuticals are the makers of Lorcaserin and following news of its rebuff, Arena saw its shares plummet according to information provided by Reuters. The expert FDA panel voted 9 to 5 against approving Lorcaserin.

FDA panelists had concerns over results of trials using lab rats were found more susceptible to cancers of the brain and breast after being given the drug. There was indecision over whether these results could translate to a human risk.

In its defense, Arena argued that tumors which developed in the rats did not apply to humans, due to biological workings that occur solely among rodents. there were no recorded increases in cases of cancer amongst the lab rats.

Jessica Henderson, who is a representative from the FDA panel said,

"I do think Lorcaserin is promising but there's too much uncertainty at this time."

The main intention of Lorcaserin was that it would be a "first of its kind" diet drug, using the same kinds of chemical effects as so anti-depressant drugs which raise levels of the feel-good hormone, serotonin.

Fewer Side Effects

Earlier this year, trials conducted into the effects of Lorcaserin appeared to show it to have advantages over Qnexa because it resulted in fewer side effects. On the flip side, the drug was less successful in helping people who were overweight to lose fat.

Patients taking part in the trials took 10mg of Lorcaserin twice a day over the period of a year, losing on average 5.8 percent of their total body mass in that time.

A Natural Solution

Although it may seem appealing to be able to take a simple pill to reverse your own personal weight gain problems, this is never a good solution. I would not recommend anyone to take drugs to fix a problem caused by inappropriate eating and drinking.

The best and most effective solution is always to go to the root of the problem, whatever it is and fix that first. In the case of weight gain, the root of that problem can be found by taking a good hard look at exactly what you are eating and drinking.

I may keep repeating myself in these pages, but it's a message worth repeating. Eat natural whole foods, learn to prepare and cook them yourself, eat only when you're actually hungry and already you will be halfway there.

Also, when you go to the store to buy food, look long and hard at every item you're about to put in your shopping basket. If it has a label with a list of ingredients, learn to recognize what they are and if you don't like the look of them, don't buy that item!

Most food products are just that: "Products." They're not really food at all, but are made to look appealing and tempting so people buy them. The fewer of those unnatural, processed products you eat, the less weight you will gain and the healthier you will be.

The solution is really so simple, isn't it?


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2 thoughts on "FDA Rejects Weight Loss Drug Lorcaserin"

George says:

Can't say I'm too surprised at the FDA rejecting Lorcaserin, its hardly the right way to lose weight in any case. Why are folks so darn lazy? All they have to do is eat right and get some exercise and they wouldn't need artificial stuff like this pill to stay slim!

Owen says:

If more people would read this blog and listen to the advice this guy writes, more people would be healthy and slim and not looking for some dumb pill to save them from obesity hell. Great article dude!