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How to Beat a Negative Mentality and Lose Weight

There is one area of the weight loss process that can derail your chances of success with as much force as any other and that is harboring a negative mentality towards yourself.

If you really want to lose weight and lose it successfully, you are going to have to overcome any negative mentality you have in order to keep following a good, healthy diet and exercise plan.

Dominant Negativity

positive mental attitude to weight lossThe problem many people have is that they allow negativity to dominate their thoughts.

When that happens, it becomes much harder to control their calorie intake.

That's because they simply do not believe they can succeed, which leads to them taking actions that will jeopardize their chances of losing the excess pounds and thereby reaching their goal.

While it may feel like it can be pretty tough staying positive all the time, in order to succeed, you have to stay upbeat and feel and be optimistic about losing weight if you are determined to reach your ideal body weight.

But there are ways and means of doing that and when you start to feel positive about things, many other aspects of your life will fall in line with this optimism and good things will come your way all the more in many different areas of your life that you may not have been expecting. Here are some of those ways.

Take up a Sport

Taking up a sport is a really uplifting experience as long as you put your enthusiasm into it. This is easier than you may think, because once you get into a team spirit about any sport, it naturally lifts you up and you feel good about participating in something where, as a group, you all pull together to make your performance shine.

Individual sports can do that too, because the action of being in competition with someone gets your adrenalin flowing and the lift in physical activity causes the release of the feelgood hormone serotonin, which improves your mood and makes everything seem better than it was.

Talk to Someone

Talking about your weight loss aspirations can really get your fired up and motivated to succeed. When you talk to a person about what you intend to achieve, you boost your own self-esteem because you enthuse positivity. One thing you must not do is sit there and pour out all your problems and woes to someone. That will have the opposite effect to what you really want and fuel your own negativity as well as cause the person to whom you are speaking to want to get away from you at the earliest possible moment!


By negating tension and stress by relaxing, you release a lot of the worries that are causing any negativity to flow. Relaxation is a great way to disperse stress, which is one of the major factors in causing weight and health problems.

The trick here is to find a place where you can relax, be quiet and not be interrupted by telephones, visitors or any loud or sudden noises. Then start by taking several deep, slow breaths and quiet your mind. Then think only about the goal you have in mind, which is a slimmer, fitter and great looking body.

Create that image of how you really want to look and feel in your mind and play it out like a movie in your imagination, of you walking around in that light, slim body, wearing great looking clothes and really feel how it feels to wear those clothes and feel so good.

Like a garden where you pull the weeds out by the root and discard them, while you tend the flowers with lots of loving care, so that they grow and flourish, so is it with your mentality. The negative side can be likened to those weeds that you do not want, which you simply discard without giving them a second thought.

While the positive side is the flowers that you give all your energy to in tending and nurturing them. These are the plants that grow and flourish, while the ignored and discarded weeds wither and die.

By using your mind, words and actions to create a positive zone around and within you, negativity can't get in to spoil things. The way to win then, is not to try and get rid of negativity, but to only think of positivity which simply crowds out its opposite because you are not giving it any mental nourishment.


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1 thoughts on "How to Beat a Negative Mentality and Lose Weight"

Pas says:

It's so difficult to lose fat, especially when you are a naturally depressed person like me. I think I have used everything that's available to help me but nothing seems to work. I guess you're right about the mental attitude, cause I am nearly always negative about stuff. I'll try and be more positive and see if that helps, thanks!