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A Varied, Healthy Diet Helps You Lose Weight

Here is another of my useful Top 100 Weight Loss Tips! In this article, which is number 79 in the series, I'm going to be looking at the how having a varied, healthy diet can help you to lose weight without even trying!

It's a well know fact that when you're on a diet plan that becomes boring, you're more likely to quit. So by revving it up and making it interesting by varying what you eat, you will be much more likely to stick with it and lose weight!

How a Varied, Healthy Diet Works

Bring balance and variety info your life. We all know that when you eat the same old foods over and over and over again, you are highly likely going to get pretty bored with it.

That is unless they are the kind of foods you totally, really like. So why stick with something like that when you can just as easily change it up to keep your taste buds on your tongue happy.

It's important to balance carbohydrates with proteins as well as some fats and fiber. So if you find you are having more of one type of nutrient contained in one meal, then try adding more of a different nutrient into the next.

Another thing to remember when you're on a diet. For heaven’s sake please do not just get all your stuff in the specialist diet section of your favorite store.

There is more variety outside of that place, but you have to shop smart and buy fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables. Remember them? Yep, they are far lower in calories and bad stuff that all the pre-packed, processed garbage are stuffed full of.

Real Home Cooked Meals

When you prepare and cook proper home cooked meals using fresh produce to make it, then you might be surprised to find you can still most likely still eat pretty much the same things you always did. The trick is to limit yourself so you don't eat so much of any one kind of food at any one time.

Variety is the spice of life and variety in your diet will certainly spice it up and make it more interesting and agreeable to you. Try combinations of different meats (if you still eat it) with different vegetables.

Cook them differently, ie steam them one day, stir-fry in olive oil the next as both these methods retain most of their nutrients. Boiling tends to rob vegetables of most of their nutrients so this should be avoided, apart from starchy vegetebles like potatoes if you like them plain boiled or mashed.

Meat can be braised, stir fried, roasted, grilled and all these are pretty healthy ways to eat it with the fat draining off the meat.

Fish should be included in your diet for many healthy reasons, not least of those that most fish is low on calories when plain grilled or baked, as well as being packed with essential nutrients.

What to Avoid Eating

Things to either avoid in your diet, or at least keep down to the barest minimum are dairy products like cheese, butter, full cream milk and full cream yoghurt (as well as cream itself). They are all high in saturated fats and milk sugars that mean they are packed with calories.

Instead, opt for skimmed milk (all the calcium of full cream milk but without the fats), low fat cheese or better still, cottage cheese. Don't think that margarine is a good substitute for butter. It is not because most of them contain loads of trans fats. An olive oil based spread is better as it is high in mono unsaturated fats which are better for you.

Add more variety to a meal by including some tasty mushrooms (there are tons of different types in the stores), some Chinese vegetables and bean sprouts for added interest. There are tons of options available for your own weight loss diet plan as long as you remember that fresh is best!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 78 follows in the very next post!


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Neal says:

Great tips in this and previous posts. There are plenty of ways in which anyone can lose weight when they turn their mind to it just as long as they mean to do it and don't get swayed by the temptations that are all around.

Thanks for sharing!