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Lose Weight by Freezing Your Fat

If you have never heard of being able to actually lose weight by freezing your fat cells, this may be of interest to you, especially if you've tried just about everything else apart from actually committing to bariatric surgery.

There is a new weight loss treatment for those who don't like the sound of invasive surgical procedures but are prepared to try something a little different from the more common approach of fixing a poor diet and getting some regular exercise.

Freeze That Fat!

It's called Zeltiq and it works by freezing fat cells. It may be the perfect solution for those people who want to get rid of a few extra pounds or reduce a small bulge in those places where they are not wanted without potentially dangerous surgery.

Zeltiq has been recently approved as a weight-loss treatment by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It uses a gel patch coupled with a machine that literally freezes those unwanted fat cells. This causes those cells to self-destruct and subsequently to be re-absorbed into the body over a period of several months.

The procedure has been on the market for a year and was initially approved by the FDA as a way of anesthetizing and cooling the skin prior to dermatology procedures. However during its use, doctors discovered the device had another use in the fight to reduce a flabby belly and other parts of the body that had succumbed to excess fat build up.

Lisa Pittonyak, a former dancer and exercise enthusiast was customer of the procedure around eight months ago. She used it to combat "...my lower abdomen little pouch that I have."

"It's always bugged me, my whole life," she said. "At first it was a strange pulling feeling, a little painful and after about five or 10 minutes, you basically get numb."

She swears by the procedure and although she actually lost only around half an inch, she claims she feels much better about the way her body looks and the way she feels because of it, making the $1,500 price tag well worth it. Running through the ways in which Zeltiq worked for her, she said, "Bathing suit, summer time, the jeans, wearing tighter clothing," adding, "And not feeling like I have that little bulge."

No Substitute for the Natural Approach

I feel I should point out here that this is in no way something I would recommend to anyone who needs to lose weight as some kind of easy way to bypass learning to eat the right foods and avoid the bad stuff while getting some daily exercise. When the body gains weight, it's telling you that you're doing something wrong and you must stop doing it!

Common sense is a great asset to have and although it is something every human being possesses, you might be forgiven for thinking a lot of people either don't have any or they simply don't use it. It is common sense that will tell you to not eat processed junk food, high sugar snacks and desserts or drink soda of any kind because these things are unnatural.

You have to decide which you think is stronger: Your own common sense or the power of the advertising media.

Too many people allow the advertisers to take over their minds and tell them what to eat and drink. And they obey! They eat too much unnatural junk and they get fat and unhealthy. Then they complain their clothes don't fit any more.

If you truly want to be healthy and weigh what you're supposed to weigh according to your height and build, you need to stand up to the advertising machine and refuse to allow it to control your mind! Be strong and question what's in that food or drinks and if you don't like what you discover, don't buy it or eat it or drink it!


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1 thoughts on "Lose Weight by Freezing Your Fat"

Andrew says:

I had to laugh when I read this and even began to wonder if it was a spoof. Freezing fat cells? What will they think of next? I guess its no more hair brained than some of the ideas that have come out in recent years on weight loss. Good story, thanks!