Marie Osmond with Nutrisystem Introduces Complete 55 Plan for Women

Fans of the famous singer will be thrilled to hear that Marie Osmond has teamed up with Nutrisystem to unveil their latest diet program aimed at mature women in their mid fifties and upward.

Already featured on the Nutrisystem website, the latest diet plan for women is a master-stroke for the company by catering for a large sector of the diet market in women over 55 who need a diet tailored specifically for their needs.

marie osmond complete 55With customer favorite Marie spearheading the campaign, this looks like becoming another major win for the company.

What is Complete 55?

As with all the great diet plans of the Nutrisystem diet program you can choose from, the Complete 55 plan has been carefully designed and tested to meet the needs of its customers.

Let's take an overview of the diet plan and see what makes it stand out front in its class.

According to the website, Complete 55 is a weight loss plan designed for women 55 and up and particularly during menopause. The plan is designed to front-load calories and carbs earlier in the day, with the intention to fuel the body with essential energy when it's needed.

A big feature of this plan is being able to say "goodbye" to constant hunger that is typical of many calorie restrictive diets with high-protein meals that take key weight loss factors into account.

The mission of this plan is to burn fat throughout the day as it's built for a woman's metabolism at this stage of her life. There is an understanding of unique dietary needs that arise during and after menopause, particularly the correct amount of protein to help you feel full while you maintain lean muscle mass.

It is recommended to stay on this diet plan for at least three months, in which time you'll learn healthy habits while your body adjusts to a new, healthier way of eating.

Marie Says:

According to Marie Osmond, "It's no secret that as women our bodies change as we get older, especially as we go through menopause, and it's not as easy to lose weight."

"What worked before might not work any more. That's why I teamed up with the experts at Nutrisystem to create their newest plan, Complete 55."

On the website, she says that since Nutrisystem helped her navigate menopause, she is "thrilled to introduce Complete 55."

Marie added, "Nutrisystem worked for me and helped me lose 50 pounds sixteen years ago."

"But it's not just about weight loss. It's about weight management and learning proper nutrition for a lifetime of health and wellness. Nutrisystem Complete 55 helps teach women how to do that."

The Company Says:

nutrisystem chicpea brocolli pasta mealAccording to Stephen Mikulak, President of Nutrisystem, "In our research, we continue to see that women in their mid-fifties and above are in need of a weight loss solution that works with their bodies as they go through life's changes."

"Who better to partner with for this program than Marie Osmond. Marie has been part of the Nutrisystem family for nearly two decades and saw great success on the program. She understands the needs of women and was instrumental in helping our team of experts create this program."

As with all Nutrisystem diet plans, Complete 55 is delivered right to the customer's door.


With the recognition that mature women have special weight loss dietary needs, meal delivery diet specialists Nutrisystem (a division of Wellful, Inc.) along with Marie Osmond as Nutrisystem spokesperson is introducing their new Complete 55 diet plan.

The comprehensive diet plan includes a phased approached to weight loss designed to support the more mature woman's metabolism. It includes high protein meals designed to stave off hunger for longer while helping women to burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass for better health and sustainable weight loss.


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