Nutrisystem Replace Marie Osmond with Real People in New Weight Loss Campaign

America's number one weight loss diet delivery company, Nutrisystem have replaced their big star endorsers Marie Osmond and Dan Marino with real people who lost weight using their diet system in their latest weight loss campaign.

Note: This news post is originally from 2010. There is an update for July 2024 down the page (Click Here to scroll to it).

Genuine Actual Customer Testimonials

Marie Osmond weight loss NutrisystemIn a bid to attract more dieters to their convenient and easy style of dieting, Nutrisystem have replaced the big names who have endorsed their advertising campaigns over the years with genuine customer testimonials.

The thinking behind this change of direction for the diet plan giants is to show potential and new customers that it is not just the stars who can lose weight using their system, but ordinary folks too.

According to Chief Executive Officer Joe Redling,

"These are real people, we want them to inspire others"

Their new campaign's change of direction marks the first time in the thirty eight year history of Nutrisystem where the company has moved away from using big name celebrities to promote its diet meals.

To get the video taped testimonials, Nutrisystem mailed out Cisco Systems Inc. Flip video cameras to their clients back in September to get testimonials from first person anecdotes about their dieting successes that they subsequently used in their latest TV d campaign.

Customer Charlotte Husser, 54, lost 32 pounds and dropped her dress size to a six after eating Nutrisystem meals for five months and is one of several featured in the company's newest TV commercials. She said,

"What you're hearing from me has to come from the heart. There's no script"

Big Names will Still Appear in Advertising

Joe Redling said that his company will continue using both Osmond and Marino in some of its advertising, although this will be toned down a lot. According to Baker Street Advertising's executive creative director Bob Dorfman, celebrity endorsers are risky.

Advertisers are being more cautious about using big name celebrities mainly because their outward appearance and personal lives are increasingly becoming reported on and often cruelly dissected in the tabloid newspapers, magazines and on TV. They have to look good 100 percent of the time and if they have a bad day, you can bet the paparazzi will be there to capture it.

Information sourced from Bloomberg

Update: July 2024

The above news article was written back in 2010 and since then, things have changed a lot. So, is Marie Osmond still the spokesperson for Nutrisystem?

Advertisement paid by Nutrisystem

Yes, she is! The company changed their promotion strategy several years ago. Marie Osmond is still featured in many advertisements for Nutrisystem to this day, as you'll see from the many promotional ads from the company.

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6 thoughts on "Nutrisystem Replace Marie Osmond with Real People in New Weight Loss Campaign"

Brenda says:

That's sort of a shame about Nutrisystem dumping Marie Osmond to feature real folks in their ads. I quite liked her spearheading their ad campaign cause she's something of an icon for women of our age cause she proves you can still look great into your 50s and there are a heck of a load of women want to look as good as she does! I guess this is only a temporary thing and I'm sure Marie will be back soon enough. Oh yeah, and Dan Marino too... mustn't forget the guys!

Cynthia says:

I always liked nutasystem and said if I want to lose weigh tthat is who I would turn to because Marie Osmond looks the best ever and she is somebody I truly believe. It seems to me that the company isn't doing very well and perhaps she is expensive because the new commercials look very cheap.

Teej says:

I joined NutriSystem because I was inspired by Marie Osmond's commercials. Unfortunately she obviously GAINED a TON of weight back and although gallant efforts were made to hide it, the woman is huge. It makes more sense to put "real people" in the commercials because Marie did NOT live up to her commitment and therefore a lot of people stopped believing in it. Hopefully she will come clean and get back on track. Then she could be a real person with a real message to be believed.

Jan says:


You are obviously confused, because it isn't Marie Osmond who gained the weight back, it's Kirsty Alley. As you can see in Marie's 2011 wedding photos, she is still very slim. Kirsty on the other hand has always had a problem with her weight.

Teej says:

I was NOT referring to Kirsty Alley who was never on Nutrisystem. I meant Marie Osmond. Kirsty recently lost a lot of weight by exercising for hours every day while practicing for Dancing with the Stars. She claimed that she lost 100 pounds. Another hard to believe one is Carrie Fisher who says she went from 180 to 130 lbs. Maybe she lost 50 pounds, but she does NOT weigh 130. These exaggerations only hurt the product they are advertising. All of them.

Marjorie says:

Get with the times people. It's 2023 now. Marie just promoted the latest Nutrisystem plan called Complete 55. It's for women over 55 who are going through or have gone through the menopause. She is obviously the perfect celebrity to endorse the new plan as she's into her 60s now. She still looks amazing by the way!