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Nutrisystem Goes Mobile for Dieters

The convenient diet food delivery company Nutrisystem announced that they have released a mobile version of their popular e-commerce website for dieters who wish to purchase one of their popular diet plans while on the go.

The news will be welcomed by many dieters who already spend a lot of time online and would make good use of this online application to help them manage their diet.

BMI Analysis Tool

The new m-site launched by the popular home delivery diet company has all the capability for e-commerce as their main browser-based website allowing customers to log in and purchase their selected diet plan. To add to the appeal, a complimentary body mass index (BMI) analysis is available to mobile users when they enter their personal information which also then recommends which Nutrisystem program is ideal for them.

To access the mobile version of Nutrisystem's site from a mobile device, its simply a case of opening the site in the phone's browser. There is no need to download anything or have any special web app loaded. The site detects when a visitor has landed there from a mobile device and its technology simply serves up the appropriate version of its website.

According to Nutrisystem's Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Terrill,

"We recognize that mobile devices are growing in popularity and that a large portion of the population transacts only from their mobile device. The introduction of this mobile functionality confirms our commitment to offer our customer the ability to transact with us in the way that's best for them. Our goal is to create a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers across traditional online and mobile channels."

Partnered with Usablenet

Nutrisystem partnered with mobile web platform company Usablenet to develop their mobile website. Usablenet provides their mobile web services to leading brands so that they can extend their existing websites to the mobile platforms and widen their reach to a new breed of online surfers who use their smart phones or other mobile devices to access the Internet.

You can get a great discount on all Nutrisystem's diet plans by taking advantage of their latest greatest offer of $50 off the regular price simply by clicking the banner featuring Marie Osmond above. It will take you to Nutrisystem's website where you can save a big chunk of the cost of your preferred diet option. For more information, read our reviews of Nutrisystem, or check out our news item on the release of their special offer here Great New Promotion from Nutrisystem.

No matter how you package it up, there is nothing to beat a good money off deal or promotional offer to grab people's attention and attract more people to the benefits of this meal replacement diet delivery program. And now it just got even better (and more convenient) with online access to tools that can help a dieter manage their weight loss from their mobile device!

I'll bring you more news on this development as it comes in.


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Richard says:

Fascinating, I am really interested to see how Nutrisystem can convert their website onto a cell phone and just how easy it will be to order and do all the other stuff you need to do once you get on board with them.