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Weight Loss Patches are the In Thing

Using patches to slowly infuse a chemical or drug into the body is no new idea.

Smokers trying to kick the habit have been using nicotine patches for years in an attempt to replace the drug that they would otherwise get from cigarettes.

But a newer trend has caught on with dieters aiming to get slim in the new breed of slimming patches that are available to buy in shops and online.

Paris Hilton

weight loss patchesThey are already popular with some big name celebrities which includes Paris Hilton. The 29-year-old heiress has been seen at a recent Los Angeles party sporting one of the patches planted on her backside!

The patches resemble a square, 2 inch sticking plaster. They can be placed on any part of your body, although you may not want one stuck on your forehead for all to see! It is claimed that the pads suppress hunger pangs while helping the body to burn fat. They are easily available on the Internet at a variety of websites that promote them.

The problem with this kind of weight loss aid that is bought in pill or capsule form is that the active ingredients in them have been found by scientists to be broken down by the liver before they can enter the bloodstream. This means that somewhere in the region of 85 to 90% of the pill's effect is just wasted.

Claim of "Much Better"

Makers of the new patch, SlimWeight, claim that the patches are much better because the active ingredients are slowly absorbed directly through the skin, meaning they get straight into the bloodstream. These patches work by improving the body's fat burning ability.

So the uses up more of the fat it gets from its diet, while reducing any craving to binge eat. Users consume less fat while that fat that is consumed is metabolized much more quickly.

By simply applying one of the new weight loss patches each day, a person can go about their normal routine without having to think about it, being safe in the knowledge they are burning fat while reducing their food cravings. When it comes to finding how to lose weight fast using these patches makes for a very simple way to do it.

Note: Reality Check: A quick note here about the age-old process of looking for the easiest way of doing anything, including losing those unwanted, unloved extra pounds of fat. The reality is there is no easy way to a slimmer figure, because it takes some effort to manage your food intake and be aware of what you're consuming on a day to day basis.

Do not for a second think that you can keep on eating hamburgers, pizza and hot dogs washed down with soda and finished off with some ice cream and pie and then expect an itty bitty patch of chemicals on your arm to make it all go away. It won't!


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2 thoughts on "Weight Loss Patches are the In Thing"

Kerry Lockbaum says:

haha... Paris Hilton is being sued for $35 million... and over hair extensions! Like she needs to wear a slimming patch - she's already stick-thin as it is!

Don says:

Paris Hilton WOOO! But I can't see why she would want to wear these patches as she already has a really great figure. Maybe its for publicity, as with most things t5hat celebrities do.