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Weight Loss Snacks You Can Eat

While losing weight is mainly about eating a healthy, low calorie diet and combining this with some daily exercise, many people still get tempted to eat snacks in between meals.

It is often asked of there are any snacks you can eat that won't wreck your diet. Well, actually there are!

What Can You Snack On?

low calorie snacks for weight lossSome snacks are acceptable to eat between meals and will not ruin your diet, at least not in any great deal.

Of course you still have to avoid the kinds of foods that generally come to mind when you think "snacks", such as chocolate or candy, cakes, cookies, pretzels, potato chips and the like. So here are some healthier suggestions that you can get away with if you really need to have a light snack.


Generally considered to be calorie packed and to be avoided at all costs, nuts are actually very healthy to eat as they contain high levels of fiber, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and are high in protein and trace minerals. If you want to snack on nuts, keep portions small (say no more than a handful) and always choose the unsalted variety.

Stick to walnuts (best for omega 3), brazil nuts (high in selenium), almonds (high in minerals and calcium) or even peanuts (high in protein).


An apple a day really does keep the doctor away (to a point). Apples are high in fiber and contain many nutrients that our bodies need, while helping to prevent the onset of degenerative diseases such as arthritis. They are fairly low in calories, are filling and taste great!

Other fresh fruits also make a good choice of snack, such as pears, plums, pomegranates, oranges, figs, peaches and pineapple, for example.

Celery Sticks and Raw Vegetables

Celery is one of the lowest calorie snacks you can probably eat and is a good filler if you are really being strict with your calorie count. They have a pleasant taste and make a crunchy snack, especially when combined with other raw vegetable snacking choices such as carrot slices, sliced tomatoes, cucumber or red peppers.


This can be used as a dip for those raw veggies or eaten on its own as a quick snack that is protein and calcium rich. Go for natural yogurt and avoid the flavored, processed variety or the "low fat" variety which has added sugar to counter the reduced fat content.

To add interest, slice up strawberries, cherries, raspberries or a peach or apricot for a great tasting, healthy snack.


This is another great snacking food that is low in calories and because it contains mostly water, is one of the best weight loss snacks.

Hard Boiled Egg

Believe it or not, a hard boiled egg is a great snack to eat in between meals that will fill you up while providing a high protein, healthy and nutrient packed mini-meal all by itself.

So you see, you can choose some very healthy, tasty and low calorie snacks that are tons better for you than the high calorie, high salt or high sugar alternatives that you should avoid if you are serious about losing fat. Use common sense with portion sizes and you will still get slim while satisfying that temptation to eat between meals.


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2 thoughts on "Weight Loss Snacks You Can Eat"

Danny says:

Hey, I'm surprised you can actually eat snacks and still lose weight. This is a pretty unique perspective and as for eating nuts, well I would never have guessed they could actually be good for you too! Great article, thanks.

Theodore says:

I can't stand dieting. Why can't I just eat more of anything that I want and lose tons of weight? :)