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World's Fattest Woman Wants to Lose Weight

When you eat too much and don't exercise, you will gain weight for sure, but no other woman in the world can say she has eaten her way to being the fattest on the planet.

Terri from Ohio has achieved that lofty accolade and, bedridden and too fat to fit into an MRI scanner which she needs to do, she has decided that at 700 pounds, she ought to lose weight!

Such Sad News

worlds fattest woman weight loss bidSo this is news and it is very sad news. It is sad that a person can actually allow themselves to get into that state and not do anything to stop it.

Terri, who has been bedridden for three years because of her excessive weight now suffers from severe headaches and needs to have a scan to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong inside her head.

Perhaps the only serious problem is a part of the brain that must be missing. The part that tells you "Hey, you are now too fat to get out of bed. Stop eating!"

This woman sounds like it's not her fault when she tells reporters,

"People must think, 'How could you let yourself get like that? It's awful how it creeps up on you. Once you cannot exercise it doesn't matter how healthily you eat, the weight just sticks. You're not burning off a single calorie."

Come on! How do you stop getting like that and then stop it getting worse? The answer has something to do with eating.

Do You Know What You're Eating?

It's tough knowing that a lot of people are reading this story and thinking to themselves that if you were really serious about not being so fat you would make a small sacrifice and, under a doctor's supervision, stop eating any food for a while and just drink water.

worlds fattest woman at 700 poundsAt 700 pounds, most of which will be stored up fat, a person could live on that supply of fat for several weeks without too much trouble.

The calories would get used up and the fat would start to go, because you won't be replenishing it with any more calories if you stop eating.

She says she is so proud of her caring husband who is sticking with her to help her. Well, I have a sneaky feeling he is partly to blame here, because she obviously can't get out of bed to raid the fridge by herself!

Let's hope that Terri starts to help herself and gets some real support for her husband who needs to be strong and make sure her food intake is restricted to the barest minimum. In this life, you sometimes have to be cruel to be kind and this is one of those times.

Info sourced from: The Sun Newspaper Pictures by: James Ambler of Barcroft USA

Beneficial Fasting

Additional from the author: There is strong scientific evidence that prolonged fasting has many health benefits aside from the obvious weight loss property. When the supply of glucose has been exhausted, the body turns to its store of fat to obtain energy in the form of ketones.

There is even more strong evidence that the tissues of the body, its internal organs and especially the heart and brain prefer using ketones as their primary source of fuel. When in ketosis (burning ketones for fuel), all systems in the body run more efficiently and internal healing is increased by a large margin.

So while you're using up the fat stores and losing weight, your body is also getting healthier as it is in repair mode while not actually digesting food or processing sugar into glucose. As long as you drink plain water to keep hydrated and also maintain electrolyte levels and micronutrients, it is perfectly safe to fast for a prolonged period of time such as several weeks.

I have personally undergone longer fasts lasting several days at a time for the health benefits and can personally confirm what is said by many that hunger actually goes away after the third day! I had more energy than ever and my cognitive functions increased immensely, giving me clarity of thought and sharper mental focus than ever before.

Fasting is certainly an option worth considering when overweight and not satisfied with diets or tough exercise regimes that you find difficult to stick to.


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2 thoughts on "World's Fattest Woman Wants to Lose Weight"

Sam says:

Interesting post. That is a pretty large woman. I can't understand how anyone can allow themselves to get so big. Surely she must have had some concerns before she became bedridden. Like "Hey, I'm getting pretty fat here, better stop eating so much and do some exercise!"

Kerry says:

I can understand how it creeps up on you and one day you wake up and you feel like you've gone past the point of no return, but even at that point, it must be obvious that you really must stop eating so much!