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Aim For a Slimmer Body

Welcome back once again to another of these useful Top 100 weight loss tips. This latest post is article number 26 in the series and has been created to provide you with yet another great tip to help you in your battle to lose weight.

This post looks at something many people who are trying to lose weight tend to neglect and that's the very thing that they should really be aiming for. A slimmer body not only looks and feel better, but while it may weigh less than a fatter body, it may not weigh quite as much less than you think.

The Weight Difference

Losing weight is not just about restricting your calorie intake and watching the scales display a lower number than it did the week before. It's about getting your body into shape, and by that I mean a good looking, fit and healthy shape.

That's something which will not happen all by itself, just because you're eating less by dieting with your own or with a propriety diet like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig. You may begin to weigh less as you progress, but unless you exercise and make some attempt to tone up your body you will not really be doing yourself a lot of favors in the long run.

Choose the Right Diet

There are way too many diets available without the associated emphasis on exercise to augment those diets. Dieting alone is not enough, you need to force your muscles to work in order to how to increase metabolism and burn off the excess calories but also to firm up your sagging upper arms, belly, thighs, buttocks and anywhere else you are loose and wobbly!

That can include your face, jaw (the double or treble chin), neck, chest (man boobs, if you're a man of course), lower back (love handles) and not to mention the dreaded cellulite. Okay, I mentioned it!

All these flabby bits are caused by excess fat and they can be firmed up by doing exercise. Exercise works on the muscles in those areas which gradually tighten everything up again.

You'll look a whole load better even though you may not lose as much weight as you expect to. Here's why.

Build Muscle Tissue

Muscle tissue weighs more than fat by volume in your body and what happens when you exercise is you build up not only your muscle strength, but also your muscle mass. This is a good thing, because the more muscle mass you have, the faster your body will normally burn calories.

This means that once the weight has come off, it will stay off as long as you continue to exercise. The thing that dismays many dieters who combine diet and exercise is that they don't seem to lose much weight even though their bodies look tons better and the feel tons better too.

That's only because they substitute fat mass for muscle mass, which weighs more but looks and feel a whole lot better and is also a whole lot healthier than all that excess fat they just got rid of.

So make sure you get your helping of self worth from something other than merely a number displayed on a set of scales. Instead reward yourself with a beautiful body that can function perfectly and that will serve you well for all of your life.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 25 follows in the next post!


Posted on Thu, 29 Oct 2009 in Top 100 Weight Loss Tips | 2 Comments

2 thoughts on "Aim For a Slimmer Body"

Lyndia Samayoa says:

An interesting read and although I like many have tried several of the latest diets I have not been able to stick with them for various reasons. My last attempt is scheduled for next month and researching the most well known and established diets I have heard some good things about the Nutrisystem Flex diet. Has anyone here tried it and is it any good?

Terry says:

There are a lot of people who read this blog that have tried or are in the process of trying the Nutrisystem diet. Take a look at the comments section of my own review of Nutrisystem post here. There are over 650 of them to read so you might need to pull up a comfy chair and have some coffee at the ready!