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Weigh Yourself with Quality Scales

This website's series of the Top 100 weight loss tips carries on with article number 73 in the backwards counting series.

In this article, I look at the importance of using good quality scales to accurately measure the amount of weight you are losing as you go along. After all, there's no point in weighing yourself with old equipment if it's inaccurate and gives you a false reading.

If your scales are old, then chances are they're inaccurate and you'll need to upgrade them to a set of the more accurate modern variety.

Use Good Quality Scales

Scale up your scales if you want that accuracy that that you get from being weighed when visiting a nutritionist or dietitian. Let's face it, if your most important measurement tool is out of whack, you should upgrade it sooner rather than later if you're serious about losing weight.

If your scales are analog, you may want to consider dumping them and buying a good digital set of scales that are far more accurate and often easier to read. You should opt for high quality, rugged and highly accurate scales if you want to do a proper job.

Don't be afraid to pay a little more to get the better quality device, as trying to save money on buying cheaper can be false economy in the long run.

Accuracy is Important

Incidentally, to ensure accuracy and to get a true reading of your weight whenever you use the scales, you should always make sure you set them on a flat, hard surface. Carpets and rugs will interfere with the scales ability to provide an accurate weight read out, so bear this in mind when using them. A good, level tiled or stone floor is perfect as is a flat, level wood floor.

Knowing your start weight is vitally important to your ability to monitor your progress to gauge how you are doing week by week. That's why its so important to use accurate scales that are correctly placed so you don't get a false readout.

It is also a good idea to keep the scales in the same place all the time, so they don't physically move between weigh-ins. That's to ensure that no movement can accidentally alter the scales settings.

Your home scales are probably one of your most important weight loss resources that you'll need to be able to tell whether you are succeeding and how well you are losing that weight. After all, you want to know how you're doing and a false readout can either bring false hope if it errs on the light side, or dash your expectations if it reads heavy.

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