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Not All Weight Loss Opinions Are Right

People really can learn a lot from reading the articles in this Top 100 weight loss tips series as it continues relentlessly onward with this being article number 45 in the series.

If you are looking for a set of one hundred original, unique and informative articles to help you to lose weight, then you have found the right place!

This article looks at the fact that not all opinions on losing weight are right and you should be alert to those that are wrong for you.

What you need to do is stick to your guns if something is working for you and if other people pipe up with their own opinions, be aware that they may be misleading. That doesn't they will always be misleading, but some will and you simply must stay on your guard for them.

Weight Loss Opinions Can Be Misleading

Don't always be so keen to listen to your mate / partner / spouse, or your friends or even family members on the whole weight issue. While its okay to tell your family and friends that you are actively trying to lose weight, just be aware that all would be fine in an ideal world. But this is not an ideal world! Sometimes, you'll come across certain members of your family or friends who may actually try to dissuade you in some way from trying to do this.

Why would anyone do this, especially a family member? Simple! If they are overweight themselves, they may not want you to actually succeed, especially in cases where they may have already experienced failure or not achieved their own weight loss goals. They might not do this out of spite, or even be consciously aware they're doing it.

Their tone of voice may harbor an underlying vibration of negativity or the things they say may see innocent enough but have an undertone of desired failure. What will happen is that they may feel a tinge of jealousy, especially if you're the kind of person who succeeds in things through dogged determination and sheer force of will.

Remember, your loss may not be their gain.

Are They Trying to Derail Your Attempt to Lose Weight?

If you are not sure if any family member, or close friend might actually be trying to railroad your attempts, you can watch out for such statements as, "Why do you want to lose weight?" or "You've already lost enough weight," or "Do you really need to eat such a healthy diet?" or "I like you the way you are."

They are all statements that sound reassuring and positive, when in fact they are controlling, negative and designed to put you off.

In fact, the way it should be is that if you don't like the way you are, then you are the one (and the only one) who needs to do something about it. And that goes no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

Be positive about losing weight because it is a personal thing that you decide to do. The opinions of others should not matter to you if they are at variance with your own.

It's your body and your decision. If you feel you need some help, then turn to a professional dietitian or nutritionist who can help you create the perfect diet for you and help you succeed in real ways. What's more is they won't stand in judgement of you and your decision.

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2 thoughts on "Not All Weight Loss Opinions Are Right"

Reggie says:

Hello, thanks for the article and I had to comment here to say that you are so right. Everyone seems to have their own take on how you should lose weight but they're all so different that you have to wonder if anyone really knows what they're even talking about. I say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and that you have to try a few things to see what works best for you. I guess your saying the same thing more or less. Great article, thanks!

richard says:

Great post! My Mother had been using Green Coffee Bean to lose weight until she heard about Garcinia Cambogia on the Dr. Oz Show. She says its better.