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Use Simple Weight Loss Charts to Monitor Your Progress

Welcome back to another of my Top 100 weight loss tips which is article number 38 in the series. Many people who are engaged in the process of losing weight like to monition their progress using charts.

So in this article, I'll look at the benefits of keeping things simple and using easy to read and easy to complete weight loss charts that you can monitor your progress with.

Let's get on with this particular tip on getting back in shape through simple methods anyone can do with a mind to do them. This time out I want to look at why you should make use of simple charts that make monitoring your progress a breeze.

Why Use Simple Weight Loss Charts?

There are lots of good reasons why you should keep an eye on your progress and writing it all down on paper, or typing it all out on your computer is an excellent way of doing this. But you can also get caught up in the process when things start getting too complicated, which a situation you really should avoid.

So if you are using pen and paper, make sure your charts are simple. If you are using your computer, check your desktop. Friends often like to help out by sending you their own charts that they used (or are using), but some of these can turn out to be complicated spreadsheets.

The problem there is that you'll spend far too much time in worrying over small details than keeping your focus on the big picture which is simply how many pounds you are losing over a certain period of time.

So be the kind of person who takes the easy route. Find a simple chart where you can log your meals and any snacks and tally up the calories as closely as possible. Then work out the amount of calories you should use up during your exercise sessions, at least as accurately as you are able.

Remember, slimming is not an exact science but it can be monitored relatively closely to give you an idea of what you are doing and what you need to do in order to shift those stubborn extra pounds!

Structure Your Diet

Of course if you are working with a structured diet plan like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or similar, then it's even easier because they have already done all the initial calculations for you. But with your own healthy diet, you just need to keep track of the basic calories in versus calories out to have a good idea how you are doing.

Complicated charts make for complicated calculations which take up far too much time and energy. This is time and energy which would be better spent in an extra ten or fifteen minutes on your chosen exercise machine at the gym, or swimming up and down at the pool.

Remember that what you see on paper (or on your computer monitor) is only what you write down. What you see on your own body and on the scales is the real test of your progress. So make sure you place all your emphasis on the business of losing the weight rather than merely reading about it.

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Reg says:

I often use simple charts to help me see where I'm at when I'm dieting to lose weight. They really help and it just makes it easy keeping track of everything instead of doing things haphazardly and missing some important points here and there.