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Swimming to Lose Weight

You may have already figured out that tips for attaining a better, slimmer body come in many forms, but one excellent tip is to swim and I'll be looking at this option here!

My last post talked about dancing as a great form of exercise to lose weight. This post I'll talk about the many advantages in the fight against the flab that swimming has over other forms of exercise and provide some good ideas in the form of swimming tips for weight loss.

Better Fitness and Health

Losing weight is something that a lot of people need to do in order to get fit and be healthy, which is a fact that can't be denied. Even if it means shedding just a few pounds to regain that ideal weight and body shape, engaging upon some form of light weight loss strategy has many benefits for many people.

We also know that exercise when teamed up with a good diet is the key to losing weight as you not only shed pounds but build up a stronger body that runs more efficiently. That means it can be burning calories more efficiently.

That has that knock-on effect of keeping you at that ideal weight once to achieve it. That's as long as you keep up with a light exercise routine and keep an eye on your calorie intake.

Working Out

Often, the daily workout goes out the window along with the diet because it becomes too restrictive of a person's time, or lifestyle. When this is facing you, then it's time to find a form of exercise that is enjoyable and one that you will look forward to doing regularly.

One of these great, fun filled exercise options is swimming.

Swimming is not only fun, but it gets your body moving and using all of the major muscle groups. When done regularly, swimming will help to tone up your body all over and build strength and vitality. Which is what you need to keep the weight off, or lose the weight, whichever comes first!

Many Benefits

Another great thing with swimming is that it doesn't matter how big you've become, or how unfit you are, you can still get great benefits from spending half an hour or so paddling around in the water. Of course, you'll get more benefits from this slimming solutions by actually swimming up and down, and the more you put into it the more you'll get out.

However, as a way of getting things started, you can go at your own pace until you are ready for the more strenuous swimming strokes that will help your body to burn more belly fat and build muscle density and strength.

So if you're overweight and unhealthy, start slow!

Don't rush into trying to swim a length of the pool if you're not ready to do it. Take it a little at a time and slowly build up to that first length. Then keep going and over a period of time that you set for yourself, you'll get up to two lengths, then three, four and more. But all the time you're doing this, it also has to be fun and never seen as a chore.

Choose the Stroke that Suits You

You can choose the method of swimming to suit you. Often adults like to start off with a gentle breaststroke, which is a great way to get yourself into the swing of things. From there you can progress to mixing your strokes for every length you do.

So you can start with a length of breaststroke, then switch to the crawl for the next, then back to a more sedate breaststroke for the next. Or for some variety, try sidestroke, a length on each side! Then there is backstroke, but you'll need goggles for that one as I find I tend to get too much water in my eyes otherwise!

Of course, there is an even lazier one and that is a backstroke without the stroke! Just float on your back and gently move your legs and arms in the water so that you move slowly across the water from one end to the other. That's really nice, especially when it's a hot sunny day and you're in an outdoor pool!

These are really great swimming tips for getting fit and sculpting a great looking body. So go to the pool with some friends and have some fun in the water as well as looking at the more serious side of getting yourself fit. That way you'll always look forward to going to the pool and it will never seem like a chore!


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14 thoughts on "Swimming to Lose Weight"

Heggy says:

That was a great post about swimming to lose weight. It's something that I've been doing a lot of recently and can testify that it not only helps with losing a few pounds easily, but it has also toned up my body a heck of a lot since I started a couple months ago. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Thanks for the post,

Judith says:

Hi there, this is a really first class weight loss tips site. I was interested in finding some info on swimming tips for weight loss as not too many people tend to write about that side of things, so this post was just the ticket! I really enjoyed reading it.

Thanks so much

Jake says:

This is so amazing, I couldn't believe how great these weight loss tips are especially when it comes to doing something as simple as swimming for weight loss! I think I'll be visiting my local pool more often from now on thanks to this great article on how to lose weight swimming. It really opened my eyes to further possibilities as to getting slimmer without too much work! And you're right, it's fun to do too!


Dave N says:

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So now its available in America but finding an outlet for this stuff is not so easy. Is there any way you could try and find where it can be bought online from? It would be interesting to try it and see if it really works like they say it does!


Fat Loss Enthusiast says:

Thanks for sharing this nice blog. I believe reducing carb intake and doing aerobic exercises are keys to successful weight loss.

Patricia says:

I just lost 30 lbs. While I still have 25 more to go, I wanted an exercise plan that wasn't hard on my knees. I have been walking daily and find it helpful, but it can be boring. I am starting a swimming routine this week which I'm excited about. You've given me some great tips on starting. Thank you!

Terry says:

Hi Patricia, that is fantastic to hear! 30lbs is a lot of weight lo lose and just shows how good swimming is as an exercise form and also an enjoyable way of losing weight!

Terry says:

Hi Kelly, you're right that swimming is perfect when other forms of exercise are either painful or too difficult to do, plus swimming is relaxing and fun too! Sauna and spa after sounds like a wonderful way to reward yourself too!

KellyNZ says:

Great advice about swimming and weight loss. I have started swimming due to gym training causing me so much pain as I am overweight. Swimming is so good. I already feel the positive benefits mentally and physically I have also lost weight. After swimming I sit in the sauna and spa its all heaven.

Trinity James says:

i always use Swimming as may daily exercise, it is much better than jogging and running.

Jivi Sabi says:

I started swimming after a gap of almost 20 years. My wife and I go to the gym first, do one hour of treadmill and then go to the swimming pool for one hour. I am really surprised- I lose 400 grams per day after swimming for an hour. I am not sure how is it possible-but it is happening evryday. Isn't it great? After the swimming session we go to the spa to reward ourself for the weight loss. Can any body tell me how do I lose 400m grams every day while swimming?

Terry says:

Hi Jivi,

Swimming is great whole-body exercise. While you do it, your body is burning a lot of calories. When you burn more calories than you consume through your diet, you lose weight. Its pretty simple physics, really.

But who cares about science when something as enjoyable as swimming is so effective at helping you get fit and slim down at the same time!

supercoup says:

Swimming is excellent exercise as it uses most of the muscles in the body. Burning off calories is the way to lose weight but do not be tempted to treat yourself to a snack afterwards as it defeats the object. If you do exercise and find that your appetite increases there are hunger suppressants that you might find helpful but if you do use this typw of pill always check that the product is made from only natural ingredients.

Terry says:

Thanks for the advice. It's quite common to feel hungry after a longer swim and tempting to grab a high calorie snack like poptato chips or a sandwich. When temptation appears, quash it by drinking some plain water or a herbal tea with no milk or sugar. If you must eat something, grab some salad without a heavy dressing. A little olive oil and vinegar is OK and it will satisfy the need to eat without loading all the calories of a high carb snack.