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Let's keep the momentum going strong here as the Top 100 weight loss tips continues onwards with article 49 in this series that when complete, will bring you a set of one hundred unique and informative articles that will help you achieve your goal to lose weight.

This post will take a look at what are known as zone diets and see how effective they can be for anyone wanting to shed some of that excess weight through what they eat.

What Are Zone Diets?

First of all, you probably want to know what zone diets actually are. Well, they are not plural, but singular and the Zone Diet is a lifestyle system devised by Barry Sears, PhD, who authored the accompanying book, "Enter The Zone".

It purports a style of living where you include exercise and a diet that is intended to boost the metabolism being 30% fat, 30% protein and 40% carbohydrates. By following Sears' methods, the clams are that it is possible to reduce instances of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

While those claims do not come right out and say this diet/lifestyle will cure any of the aforementioned conditions, there are plenty of testimonials from people who have switched to that way of life to bolster the claims for its effectiveness in those areas. Another plus point for this system is that it will boost your athletic performance should you choose to follow that course.

So what does it mean for losing weight?

Sticking with the Program

Well, as with practically any healthy diet, you will lose weight with this system as long as you stick to it.

This goes back to just about everything we've been saying in the many original articles published here in this site, that as long as you eat right and combine it with exercise while cutting out all the wrong foods in order that you burn more calories than you consume, you must lose weight naturally.

As long as you don't cheat, that is!

Does the Zone Diet Work?

Suffice it to say that the Zone Diet will work for you if you follow it closely, eat all the right things, exercise daily and don't cheat. Which is pretty much the same as can be said for most sensible diets or diet plans that advocate eating a balanced variety of foods and not those that force you to omit whole food groups from your diet altogether.

Just remember that there is no magic weight loss pill. If you want to reduce your weight, you are going to have to do it naturally or opt for surgery, which we do not recommend in all but the most severe cases.

Healthy living comes from a number of angles but all of them should add up to your feeling good. That comes from enjoying the things that you do, eating and drinking sensibly and exercising sufficiently to keep your weight where it should be all of the time.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 48 follows in the next post!


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5 thoughts on "Zone Diets"

Contratto says:

I tried the Zone Diet and was pretty impressed by the way I lost weight. I managed a massive 9 pounds in my first week and I have to say that was pretty exceptional for me! Thanks for the post.

Zoran says:

Interesting thoughts on the Zone Diet and its workings. I have tried this method myself and found it to be quite effective in ways I did not expect. My health improved while my weight declined and I am very happy with this.


Zone says:

Zone Diets are ok if you can stick to them and not go off the rails every time you see a cream cake or slice of pie!

brian says:

yes, this can help to all the guys and ladies out there to lose weight pretty easily. the info on Zone Diets that is in this post is helpful to you. To the men and women looking to reduce their waistline or interested in a good, workable and easy to stick to weight loss diet, this is the info for you.

hamed says:

Finding a good weight loss diet article is not that easy, we all know this. I am a blogger and I love writing about weight loss diets plans. Today Saturday, when I was searching about this topic, I came across this post on Zone Diets. It has some how answered my questions I had at first and I think I can use some of your opinions on my blog. I have not read what others commenter say but I am sure they agree with what is presented here.