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How to Lose Weight Fast, but Naturally

It sounds like the age old dream for anyone who is overweight and is sitting there racking their brains how to lose weight fast, naturally and safely at the same time.

We all want that, and easy answer to the question of whether it's possible to lose that weight without going to any effort to achieve it, yet keeping things healthy, natural and still do it in record time. Well, this post is going to dispel a few myths here and lay it on the table as straight as it can be.

Is it OK to Lose Weight Fast?

The first thing you need to know, before you even contemplate how you are going to go about losing weight is that fast is NOT good. OK, you may have an important social function coming up in a few weeks, or maybe you are going on vacation and need to look good in a swimsuit.

However, if you are worried you are too heavy and look flabby and frumpy in the clothes you wear, the time to start doing something about it has long since past. You should have started long before it got to the stage that you are now panicking because the important date is imminent.

Let's say, for instance that you didn't do that and you've been gaining weight slowly and surely for several months. It has gotten to the point where you look in the mirror and see another person staring back at you, or at least a different person to the slimmer one who was smiling at you a few months ago!

Now you need to do something a little drastic and it is freaking you out. You need a solution and you need it now! OK, let's see what can be done...

How to Lose Weight Fast

While I stated earlier that fast is not good when it comes to weight loss, that doesn't mean that fast is not possible. It certainly is, although it is not recommended nor is it desirable.

The reason for this is because when you lose weight fast, something has to be compromised and that something is usually your health. What's more, rapid weight loss is all too often followed by equally rapid weight gain once you stop doing whatever it is you were doing to get the weight off fast in the first place.

However, the fact remains that when you are in desperate straights, desperate measures are called for.

If you are ready for this, then you had better be prepared for some serious work, because I said it was possible... I didn't say it was going to be easy.

Unfortunately, if you go looking for easy ways to lose weight fast, you probably won't find any natural ones. The amount of weight you can lose also depends on the time you have available. So how long does it take to lose weight? OK, let's say, for example, that you have a really short area of leeway, say only two weeks to spare to make a difference.

How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Several factors need to be incorporated here, so you are going to have to take a long (but not too long) hard look at your lifestyle, diet and mental state. The time to start is now.

If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle up until this point, you are going to have to get active and by that I mean to the point where you are going to get out of breath and sweat like a pig! Don't overdo it at first, or you'll do more harm than good and it can actually be dangerous, but the best course of action is either to get yourself a physical trainer as fast as you can, or get to a gym where you can be supervised by a professional trainer.

Then get actively working out and take it to the limits of what your trainer says you can - and no more! Build up your workout level over the next few days but you are going to be in that gym (or with personal trainer) every day up until the date of your super important engagement.

In addition to this, you are also, from day zero (now) going to diet like it's 1999. By that I mean you are going to only eat a super low calorie, natural diet. No snacks, no nice stuff. This is going to be all pain if you want gain! How bad do you want this?

A Diet of Cabbage Soup?

If you want it real bad, then start the week off with the cabbage soup diet. It is one of the most intensive diets and was initially designed for heart patients that were overweight and needed to lose several pounds fast so they would stand a chance of waking up after their operation. That's because surgeons do not like to operate on very overweight people because they have a much higher risk of dying during the operation!

OK, the cabbage soup diet is tough, but doable and you must only do this for a maximum of a week. Any more than that and you risk malnutrition! Also, as you are working out at the same time, you will feel hungry like you never felt it before!

You cannot, under any circumstances give in to that hunger, unless it is with a tasty bowl of cabbage soup! No bread, no pasta, no rice, no potatoes... you get the message!

After the first week on this diet, you can and should switch to a more balanced diet consisting only of natural foods. No processed meals, no high calorie or fried junk like burgers, fried, hot dogs etc, no high calorie snacks like cakes, biscuits, cookies, donuts etc. Just good, home cooked food with plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meat or fish.

By this time you can eat more and increase your calorie intake because the effects of the exercises will mean you can cope with the extra.

Increasing Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss

Your metabolism by this time will be elevated enough to demand more calories and to burn them - as long as you don't overdo it. By balanced, I mean a balance of mainly proteins, say 40-50 percent with the rest divided between low GI carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.

The services of a good nutritionist will be of great value to you in this area and is recommended to give you the best options tailored especially to you. But if you were wondering how to increase metabolism, this certainly will reward you with an answer that is both surprisingly effective and noticeable.

One other weapon in your armory is water.

Drink Water for Speedy Weight Loss

Water (and we're talking the plain stuff that comes out of the tap or bottled here) is one thing that you can have as much as you want of. In fact you are encouraged to drink as much as you can stand.

The general recommendation is eight glasses of plain water per day, but while you are on this intensive regime, you can increase that to as much as you can handle.


Water helps stave off hunger plus it flushes your body's digestive system giving you a free detox. This goes towards your weight loss plan nicely, because it also forces your body to maintain a faster metabolism. I'll tell you why that is important now.

Maintaining a fast metabolism is your ticket to rapid weight loss while you work on your body at the gym and via your diet. Dieting on the cabbage soup diet alone without exercise and without water will cause your metabolism to become slower over the course of a few days as your body goes into starvation mode and started slowing down everything to conserve energy to match the reduced calorie intake.

You have to fool your body into believing it is NOT in starvation mode (even though, essentially, it is). By drinking lots of water and not allowing the feeling of hunger to creep up on you, you can fool your body into thinking it is getting enough nutrients to go on working.

The exercise strategy will also force your metabolism to stay in a high state of activity and this will force your body to raid its store of fat to provide the energy you need to continue exercising.

Lose Weight in Your Sleep?

Sleep is another factor that comes into play here. You need to get a good eight hours sleep every night, as it is during sleep that your muscles that you have been pounding hard during the day have a chance to repair themselves and grow stronger, ready for the next day's hammering.

This process also burns energy, which the body must continually provide and it gets the building blocks for that energy from the body's fat store. So as long as you are doing what I've told you so far, then you are also now losing weight in your sleep. It's nice to know that there is an easy side to this!

How are we doing so far... still with me? Good.

Lose Weight Fast with Your Mind!

The last aspect of all of these natural yet rapid weight loss tips is your mental state. Why is this important, I hear you ask?

It is a positive, determined and highly motivated metal state that will see you through this tough regime and enable you to stick to it no matter what so that you can achieve your goal and not only be several pounds lighter but also to have your body nicely toned up so that it will look good in the clothes you have chosen for your important occasion - or the swimsuit you intend to wear on your vacation, whichever it is.

Tying this all together then, if you want to lose weight fast but naturally and make that several pounds in two weeks as per this example, you can do it if you really want to do it by pushing yourself to the limit. You will do it if you want it bad enough. Fact.

If you are not 100 percent for this and you go into it only half-hearted, then you will fall off way too soon and fail. That's why you need a positive, doggedly determined and highly motivated state of mind, access to a gym or personal trainer and the willingness to eat a restrictive diet in order to achieve what you really want.

Be 100 percent focused and positive, because if the occasion your are needing this for is so important to you, then you cannot be anything less, right?


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10 thoughts on "How to Lose Weight Fast, but Naturally"

Lawson says:

A friend of mine recommended me to look at your weight loss website. This is really the kind of detailed article I was hunting for. I wish I have come across your blog sooner, but thanks for the info.

Ann says:

I can see what your saying here and I have to agree that while its not a good idea to try and lose weight too fast, sometimes you just gotta ignore the experts and just go for it. If the reason your doing it for is important enough, then I believe you'll lose the weight fast enough. Anyways, great article, thanks.

Glen says:

I found this article searching on Google and realized you just wrote it! How cool is that! And how fast! Anyways, I have to agree with you that there are no easy ways to lose weight fast, not without resorting to surgery or other equally drastic stuff. Surgery should be only for fixing things that need fixing, like disease, failing organs and organ replacement, emergencies and the like. Using it for cosmetic reasons sucks.

Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for this great hard hitting article on weight loss and I hope it makes people think a little harder about leaving things too late when they should not let themselves get too fat in the first place!

Jeslyn says:

Loved the article... it was interesting to me cause I was in a similar situation last summer and suddenly decided I needed to lose like 16 pounds in 16 days. Yeah, I know that was pretty drastic, but I got it into my head that was what I was gonna do and I went ahead and tried. Ok, I didn't lose it all, but I lost a pretty respectable 11 pounds in the time and I did it using the cabbage soup diet and an exercise plan almost exactly like you said. I spent every one of those days in the gym for over an hour and nearly killed myself in the process. I realized that food had to be almost calorie zero and I had to workout like a maniac! I ached from head to toe to start off, but I think I did pretty well, considering.

Great minds think alike!

AKarp says:

yes definatly give your self some goals that are reasonable, otherwise your setting yourself up for failure! this is a great article very helpful ;-)

Bless says:

It is not always good to lose weight too fast bacause it can affect the body in negative ways. A natural method with a steady pace usually works best. Keep the great reviews and articles coming, cause this is a great site for well researched and verifiable info!

Bern says:

I agree its not the best way to lose weight too fast, but sometimes you have to shed several pounds pretty quick. Its still best to do it through intensive exercise and minimize the diet without cutting out the nutrients. Yea, natural is always best!

Ilana D says:

Does anyone know when this article was published?

Terry says:

Llana, it was published on 4-4-11

M8 says:

Well natural pills can be just as good as this! But this is awesome too..