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This post introduces the latest news section of the website where I'll be periodically publishing up to date news stories that are relevant to weight loss, dieting and health.

You may or may not have noticed a new addition to this information-packed website sitting up there in the header navigation bar under the site title.

Entitled simply "News", this is a separate set of posts that I will be adding to regularly to provide interesting or relevant news stories that crop up with regard to the subject of weight loss in general.

What is the idea behind this move?

Topical Stories

The idea is to provide more up-to-date articles for the site that are original and not merely RSS feeds or stolen content from other sites, but originally written articles that I personally write taken from information I have researched on the particular new story. It's a fact that people like to be kept informed on what's happening in the world, which is why there are so many general news sites out there.

But for a more specialized topic, such as weight loss, there are fewer dedicated sites that bring you quality, original news stories that cover different aspects of this topic. So it just made sense to add an extra dimension to this site and bring you, the reader, more information that is in the news and on topic.

So what will I be covering, precisely?

What's News in Weight Loss

Well, any newsworthy story that involves the subject of losing weight, health issues where a person's weight is an aspect, scientific and medical discoveries into aiding people to lose weight as well as high profile celebrity stories that aren't just publicity stunts but genuine attempts to lose weight including successes and failures. After all, we're all human and are prone to succeed as much as fail at certain things and losing weight is no different.

So why have I created a separate set of pages and not simply included the news stories in the main blog?

I want to keep the main blog reserved for mainstream weight loss tips, techniques and strategies. I feel that information would be diluted by the addition of daily news stories and the place would start looking cluttered and more difficult to navigate.

Keeping Up To Date

So to keep one side separate from the other, it's just a simple case of creating a new space for the news stories which look surprisingly like the main blog, although you can navigate to the latest story with a single click on the "News" link in the navigation bar along the top of this page just below the main site title.

I hope this change will improve the reader experience and provide new readers with more reasons to come back often and see what is here. The main blog will continue to be updated once or twice a month with new fitness and diet ideas and tips for losing weight, while the news section will be updated as regularly as possible and of course if there is a worthwhile and newsworthy weight loss related story to bring you!

Update 2019: Since the complete reconstruction of this website from being a Wordpress powered blog back to basics as a ststic site, the old split blogs system is no longer necessary. All news posts can now be found in their own navigation section both on the home page and the News category main page.


Posted on Thu, 05 Aug 2010 in weight-loss | 6 Comments

6 thoughts on "Weight Loss News Stories"

Eve says:

What a great idea! I love keeping up with what's happening in the weight loss world and it would be great to read your own hand written stories rather than keep finding the same story copied and syndicated around a bunch of sites. I'll click your news link and head over there right now. Thanks for a great blog!

Randy says:

Hey I love this idea of originally sourced and written weight loss news stories. Way too many sites just copy their news stories off others like CNN etc so it will be refreshing to read them in your own words. Please continue this awesome work, thanks!

Lucy says:

Super news site, I really love it! I'm always looking for fresh takes on what's in the news concerning weight loss topics and was so glad I found your new setup here cause its great to read originally written stories rather than the copied syndicated stuff so many other news sites just regurgitate from each other. Thanks!

Daniel says:

Sweet, that's exactly what I was hunting for! Posting some news items on this already informative site is a great idea. You saved me a lot of searching around, thanks for bringing the up to date stories to us!

Mal says:

I've been trying all kinds of weight loss products these day but for me nothing works like the new patch... especially seeing as how it's natural. I checked out the news stories on this site and you are picking out some really great ones to publish, thanks!

Simon Lee says:

First time dropping by weightlossgo, thanks for the post.

Personally, i tried to take supplements coupled with exercise and diet control. lost 10 pounds in 2 months at that time, i think this is quite reasonable because i dont really concentrate on exercise and also do eat a lot especially during parties. I think the supplements play a part in losing weight but its up to the individual. I like that your posting some daily weight loss news here, cause it means I can get an up date on what's happening in this area. Thanks!