Welcome to another of our Top 100 weight loss tips we’ve now added to the series as article number 36. In this article, I’m going to look at the benefits of exercising with a fairly large piece of gym apparatus known as elliptical exercise equipment, or an elliptical exerciser. Please note that this is an original article written for weightlossgo.com and as such is copyright protected. If it appears on any other website, it has been illegally copied and is in breach of copyright laws.

First of all, if you don’t already know what an elliptical exercise machine is, it might help to explain it. The machine itself resembles a large exercise bike in that you place your feet onto what look like pedals and you hold onto handlebars. The resemblance stops there. Instead of performing a cycling movement with your legs, you mover them back and forth, in a similar way to doing cross country skiing. The exercise uses the same leg muscles as you do in cross country skiing as well as torso, arms and chest so it actually gives you a whole body aerobic workout without the need to move around and do a lot of different exercises.

How Does Elliptical Exercise Equipment Burn Calories?

There are many different types of exercise equipment available at a gym or for your own home and they each have their own way of causing your body to burn calories and build muscle strength. So here’s how this machine helps your body burn calories.

When you first use an elliptical exercise machine, it’ll seem quite strange but you soon get used to it and the movement you need to do. Because it is also similar to using a stepper machine in that it works your leg muscles hard, it causes those large muscles to require a lot of energy to keep up the exercise, which means your body has to supply that energy from blood sugar.

As you continue to exercise, the blood sugar is rapidly depleted, so as the muscles keep requiring more and to maintain the correct blood sugar levels, your body manufactures more to replace what is used up. After twenty minutes or so, the body begins to take the triglycerides (fat) from the fat cells where it is stored and converts them to usable sugars (glucose and dextrose) which replenish the blood’s needs and also supplies the muscles with the energy they need to keep working.

The benefits form using elliptical exercisers is that large muscle groups are used, not just isolated ones, meaning that large quantities of energy are needed. The upshot of this is that a lot of fat needs to be converted to sugars after the initial twenty minutes of exercise, meaning you will lose weight faster as a result, while toning up your whole body in the process. Sure there are other kinds of apparatus you can use at home such as a home treadmill, but using an elliptical machine is one of the best ways to build strength and burn calories.

Sounds like every slimmer’s dream come true, doesn’t it?

Well it works and it works with everybody, but the body has to work to hold up its end of the bargain. That’s the catch!

Yes, its hard work and at first it can feel pretty exhausting. It will take time to build up to the twenty minutes non-stop exercise needed before your body will start burning fat. But it is so worth it if you have the motivation and the determination to lose weight fast while getting fitter and looking better!

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