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Use a Home Treadmill to Burn Calories

I'm back with one more of my Top 100 weight loss tips that I have added to the series as article number 35.

This time out I want to look at the many benefits of using a home treadmill to burn calories and help the weight loss process along in leaps and bounds to help you get in shape and look great.

How a Home Treadmill Burns Calories

Ok, we've already looked at elliptical machines and stepping machines as really useful exercise apparatus for burning calories and losing weight. Now its time to look at the other popular exercise machine in the group and that's the good old treadmill.

A treadmill is the way to get your walking, jogging or running exercise done without stepping outside your front door, if you have one to hand in your own home, that is. Or if you don't, then the next best option is spending tine at the local gym.

Of course, if you have gotten to that stage where you are spending several hours in the gym every week, then you can congratulate yourself on your motivation and determination to get fit as well as lose weight.

Make the Commitment

It's true that once you have made that commitment to go to the gym, say a few evenings or mornings or whatever a week, then you have also committed yourself to attaining that level of fitness that not only ensures you will lose weight but you'll also tone up your body as well because its common to make use of several different types of gum apparatus while you're there. Assuming of course that you don't just sit around socializing and not really doing any work while you're there!

But back to the home environment where you maybe just had a new treadmill installed and you're itching to try it out! The exercise that you can perform on a treadmill is the walking or light running that you would normally do outside. But the benefits here are that you can do it even if its teeming down with rain outside. Now that's a situation that is highly likely to keep all but the most determined walkers or joggers indoors!

A Great Form of Exercise

This is excellent exercise when done at a good pace that raises your heart rate, gets you breathing hard and makes you break out in a sweat. That way you have a visual and physical indication that the exercise you are doing is making your muscles work hard enough for them to be burning energy and using up your body's supply of sugars.

Once you get past 20 minutes of sustained hard exercise, your body starts to burn fat as it will have used up all of the soluble sugars in your blood stream and will be calling for more to make up what it needs from your store of fat.

It's not the only way to do this, of course as there are other machines such as the stepper machine or the elliptical machine and they both have their merits. But a home treadmill is an easy and convenient way of building strength, stamina and burning calories and one answer to the question of how to lose weight fast and safely.

So get on your treadmill and get walking or running and keep at it, because this is an excellent way to lose weight and strengthen your muscles, boost your metabolism and ensure that once the weight comes off, it stays off.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 34 follows in the next post!


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Dave says:

I think its a great way to burn calories. My own treadmill does me a good turn every day keeping my weight off and me healthy and fit with it. So yeah, you are right on the mark my friend!

Terry says:

Treadmills are an easy way to get the exercise that you need indoors, especially when it's raining outside.