The Top 100 Weight Loss Tips drives on with this outing being article number 72 in the downwards counting series. Here in this article, I’m going to be a little insensitive and say something that might upset some people, but hopefully not too many.

After common sense is common sense and the truth is the truth. I’m talking about taking into consideration where you’re getting your advice about losing weight from.

Why Take Weight Loss Advice from a Slim Person?

Ok, the old saying goes that you should not trust a thin chef. Why? Because a thin chef obviously doesn’t eat very much, which says a whole lot about his or her cooking!

Similarly, why would you take weight loss advice from an overweight person?

Ok, if that sounds harsh, my apologies to people who are overweight and trying to lose it, but come on! If you’re overweight, how on earth can you be giving advice to people on how they should lose weight if you can’t manage to do it yourself?

So this timely slimming tip comes from the voice of reason and common sense here. If your dietitian or nutritionist who is dishing out this or that fool proof diet plan and they are themselves overweight, you might want to look elsewhere for someone who at least looks like they are taking their own advice and staying slim!

Do as I say and not as I do? No thanks, I’d rather take my chances with someone who visibly does what they say and does what they do! You should talk to the people who are actually doing it, have done it and you can see they have obviously been successful.

Of course, you don’t need to exactly mirror the regimen they follow themselves, but you can rest assured that at least you’re being given help from a person who has really been there and done that. It instils much more confidence in seeing that it has been done by someone who obviously worked at it and can give you some great tips on how they did it without any of the bullshit.

While there are always exceptions to every rule and you can come across a very good, highly qualified and successful nutritionist or dietitian who appears overweight, chances are if they are not bothered to follow their own advice, how can they expect you to? On the other hand, a thin nutritionist who can tell you how to shed weight, get a great figure and stay sexy forever like Suzanne Somers for instance, you know you are on to a winner. Its horses for courses when it comes to losing weight and you need a lot of confidence boosting and to see that something you are told to do has at least a chance of working for you.

…and in this case, eat the food prepared by thin chefs!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 71 follows in the next post!

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