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High Protein Diet Plan

The Top 100 Weight Loss Tips has made it to article 50 in this series. This is a landmark post as it represents the halfway mark having been reached in our series that will bring you a complete set of one hundred brand new, unique and relevant weight loss articles.

This article follows closely on the heels of the previous article which looked at the no carb diet plan by looking at a similar type of diet, with the emphasis not on the elimination of carbohydrates, but on the boosting of proteins in the high protein diet plan.

What is the High Protein Diet Plan?

This is a diet plan that sets out to increase the level of protein rich foods that you can have in your daily diet. It's one often used by bodybuilders to gain muscle strength and bulk while cutting fat from their bodies in readiness for a competition as well as a general bodybuilding diet.

That means this type of diet is perfect to combine with an exercise program that will not only help you to lose weight, but also to tone up your body and build your muscle strength and stamina. With any diet, you need to remember that exercise is still necessary in order for you to sustain your loss of weight while boosting your body's ability to burn more calories more efficiently more of the time.

Once you get to a stage where your daily exercise routine is causing your body to naturally burn more calories than you are consuming through your diet, you can say you have mastered the art of weight loss!


Keeping that methodology going is the part that requires you to make that exercise program a part of your everyday life while then working on your diet to maintain sufficient calories to feed your muscles so that you can maintain a healthy weight. This means that you will get to a stage where the amount of calories you consume through your diet exactly matches the amount of calories you are burning through exercise and your general day to day stuff.

So back to the high protein diet plan. What does it entail?

Well, it is not as harsh as the "no carb diet plan" in that you are allowed to include some carbohydrates in that diet. However, if you're going to do that, you might as well make them low GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates.

That's because they provide slow burning energy for your body rather than the fast hit of blood sugar and the resultant dangerous reaction of insulin which you get from high GI carbs like white bread, pasta and other refined wheat products such as cakes, biscuits etc and sugar.

Protein rich foods make up the bulk of this diet, which will include, lean meat, fish, eggs, spy products such as tofu, vegetables and fruits. These can be combined with small amounts of nuts, seeds and dairy products, although they should not make up more than about 10 to 20 percent of the total for the best results.

Then it's all down to getting hot, sweaty and out of breath as you exercise that body for more than 30 minutes without a break. It is preferable to be doing aerobic exercises or weight lifting exercises to burn calories and force your body to use up its store of fat and shed those excess pounds!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 49 follows in the next post!


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Hey, congrats, this is totally awesome! Very cool article on the weight loss high protein diet plans and how they are so good for you. I am very glad to see what you have been cooking up in your blog here. Also every one should look at the way they plan their diets and take a leaf out of this guy's blog!