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Acai Berry Scams: Be On Your Guard!

This story warns of the dangers of falling for fake acai berry supplement scams that are proliferating the online spaces and other media for consumers to be on their guard.

When a natural herb, plant or fruit is discovered to have weight loss properties over and above the general foods we eat, the dieting industry is quick to get on the promotional bandwagon in the hope that there is some truth in the findings that will spiral into a financially beneficial result for the companies that market it.

The acai berry is one such fruit that has been shown in trials to have a beneficial effect on the process of losing weight, although definitive proof is still to be obtained.

Be Vigilant

acai berry weight lossOne of the problems of any natural product that may help people to reduce their body mass is that unscrupulous people will use media such as the Internet to blow out of proportion the fat reducing benefits of said product to further their own gains, sometimes resorting to out and out scams to relieve trusting people of their hard earned money.

Because acai berries have become very popular as a natural adjunct to diets, they have caught the attention of many shady dealers who have promoted them half to death on the Internet. Such has been the relentless promotion of acai, they are now seen by many as a way to earn a fast buck by putting up scams to sell them, then take money from people who unwittingly sign up for something they didn't realize they were signing up for.

Following some whistle blowing on many of the acai scams, it all seemed to die down, at least for a while. But anyone who is desperate to find out how to lose weight fast should be on their guard, because it seems these scams are on the rise again.

Fake Supplements

These acai berry scams generally revolve around the Internet and to a lesser extent in local newspaper and magazine small ads. They take the forms of fake acai berries, supplements said to contain acai (but don't) and some powdered products etc are the main ones to watch out for when you are thinking about going to buy these products online.

In fact you need to be wary of some of the online stores that focus mainly on these berries.

That's because it is possible to be on the receiving end of a scam that gets you to enter your credit or debit card details to cover shipping for a free trial that you think you are getting for no cost. But then your card gets repeat billed for a monthly supply of the product that you did not want.

The several security agencies are currently looking into some of the latest complaints received over some of the latest acai berry scams that have surfaced in last few days. So be on your guard and if something looks too good to be true, you can bet it probably is!


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2 thoughts on "Acai Berry Scams: Be On Your Guard!"

la weight loss says:

I have to chime in here and say I really enjoyed reading your news blog post on this acai berry thing. I am so grateful I found it. Weight loss supplements have been in great demand for people who want to lose weight and stay healthy in these days, but that's no excuse for unscrupulous dealers to scam people out of their hard earned money. Thanks for bringing this info to a wider audience.

Rob says:

Wow, I knew there was something fishy about all the acai berry weight loss promos that litter the web, but never knew they were scamming folks left, right and center too. This is a great news resource for this side of things, I'm enjoying reading through it and this article really stuck out. Its a really good article, in fact and tells it like it is. Thanks!