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Christian Bale Incredible Weight Loss for Fighter Movie

Actor Christian Bale has lost an incredible amount of weight to slim down for his role in the movie "The Fighter" and shows that it can be done.

It is this kind of dedication that separates the top actors from the ones that are yet to make it to the top. No excuses or alibis, just accept the role and get the job done!

Dedication to His Role

Sometimes a challenging role demands the actor to go that extra mile to achieve the kind of realism required to fulfil that role and make the audience believe what they're watching.

Christian Bale weight lossThe English actor, who is now 36, is playing the former welterweight boxer, Dicky Eklaund and had to lose a lot of weight to fit into his character role. The story goes that Dicky, a once highly respected fighter who later succumbed to a terrible crack-addiction is the half-brother of well known Irish boxer Micky Ward.

It is Ward that the movie is based on and how the two boxers advanced and the problems that ensued. The movie makers were considering the inclusion of a fight scene between a 21 year old Eklaund and Sugar Ray Leonard.

However, Bale was not too sure that he could pull off that feat, as looking like he was just 21 was way beyond him! He said,

"...It's just a little too weird for me to be pretending I was 21 any more."

A Lot of Weight to Lose

To get down to the size of a welterweight, Bale had to lose a lot of weight from his regular 185-190 pounds right down to somewhere that made him look like he was 130 pounds. However, he said that to actually achieve that weight and still be able to move would be more than he could do.

So how did he do it?

No details could be obtained from the actor on his exact method of dropping around 50 pounds, although it would not really too difficult to work out. It is quite likely that he changed his diet to restrict carbs and anything with added sugar, while working out in the gym every day to achieve a realistic looking boxer's physique.

What would have to happen would be to force his body to burn fat fast through a calorie restricted diet combined with a lot of physical activity through workouts and possibly some high intensity cardio and weight training. It would not be enough to just lose weight and look skinny, since he needed to acquire a very toned and sculpted physique that could only be achieved in the gym.

The kind of workout that would cause such a marked physical change over a short time period is not really something you should try at home unless monitored by a professional trainer and possibly a doctor if attempting a very calorie restricted diet.


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Arnie says:

The things some actors will do to get a part in a movie! Christian Bale had to lose so much weight for that role he actually looked ill. Its sad that people will do that to themselves for the sake of being famous.