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Find The Right Exercise to Lose Weight

Welcome to another installment of my Top 100 weight loss tips. This is article number 5 in the series and provides another useful tip to help you lose some weight.

This post looks at the physical side of losing weight, by suggesting a novel way to improve your chances of success by finding the right exercise to lose weight.

What is the Right Exercise?

That is the 64 thousand dollar question and one that does not have the same answer for everyone. That's because, as I may have mentioned on more than one occasion, every person is different, people lose weight differently and that means while one person will be more disposed to lose weight doing something that suits them best, that may not similarly suit anyone else. The same goes for different types of exercise.

So this is something that you are going to have to research on your own, because only you will know when something suits you better than something else? Where one person may really enjoy an early morning run around the local park or along the sea front before grabbing a shower before breakfast to really set them up for the day, another may hate running period.

Or they may like running but they hate getting out of bed early! Can you see where this is leading?

Sure, one type of exercise will appeal to a whole group of people but its how they go about doing that exercise that sets the apart from their neighbors.


Some people love swimming, although it won't appeal to everyone. Some people simply can't swim! Others can't be bothered with the hassle of using a public pool with all the messing about getting changed in cold, clammy public changing rooms. Others relish the after swim shower while still others like to swim then relax for a half hour on a poolside lounger reading a book!

Some people like cycling, or for those with good balance, rollerblading or skateboarding. These take a surprising amount of energy even though they look easy! Same goes for skiing or snowboarding.

For others, team sports are their favorites, with volleyball being a favorite summer beach team sport that just about anyone can join in with and have a really great time. Others prefer more serious contact team sports like soccer, football, rugby, hockey or basketball. Still others prefer less demanding team sports such as tennis or badminton pairs, while still others prefer really physically challenging one on one sports such as squash or racquetball.

Go Down the Gym

Then there is the good old reliable gymnasium, where you can work out with weights and other fitness apparatus such as treadmills, elliptical machines, steppers, rowing machines etc.

Of course there are always the far more sedate form of exercise such as walking (with or without a dog). This is something most people can do and it is a surprisingly good form of exercise especially when others are more physically demanding than a person is able to cope with.

But whatever you choose as your preferred form of exercise for weight loss, as long as you make sure you do it as often as possible and with as much enjoyment as possible, your efforts to lose weight will be getting an excellent boost to improve your chances of success!

Whichever exercise appeals to you the most.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 4 follows in the next post!


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2 thoughts on "Find The Right Exercise to Lose Weight"

Socco says:

Interesting take on how to find the right exercise to lose weight as there are so many options to look at on this topic that it can become quite confusing for many people. I'll quote a portion of it on my own site later if that ok.

GoodKarmaToday says:

One could also look at hypnosis to eat healthy and lose weight. I highly recommend it as an alternative way of achieving excellent results.