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Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Secrets Revealed to Oprah

On Thursday's Oprah show, Jennifer Hudson, who has come such a long way from her days on American Idol, revealed how she set about losing somewhere in the region of 80 pounds to slim down all the way from a portly size 16 to a very slinky size 6!

Fans were shocked to see the incredible transformation of their idol as she showed up on Oprah's show looking absolutely amazing!

Weight Watchers Spokesperson

Jennifer Hudson weight lossNow she's a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, Jennifer told Oprah how she got herself very active to lose the weight. She achieved it by doing a variety of daily exercises that included running on the treadmill, jumping rope and even playing basketball.

What made it all possible was by keeping it fun and not stressing over whether she had done enough for each day, but just getting on and doing it!

She admits she has never looked so fabulous and is very proud of her new svelte figure. But she doesn't have any plans to lose any more weight or get any smaller. She said that dropping down to those sizes 4, 2 or even 0 is certainly not for her.

A Change of Eating?

While it wasn't mentioned in any great detail, the obvious signs of a change of diet were there for all to see. You don't lose so much weight just doing some exercises each day without making a pretty radical change to what you're consuming too. Combining a low calorie diet with exercise is the way to go.

An educated guess would be that the slimmer Jennifer Hudson doesn't eat any junk food or high refined carbohydrate-loaded foods and there almost certainly has been a dramatic reduction in sugar intake in all its forms. It's already well known that by reducing sugar intake to practically zero, the body gets a chance to start burning off the accumulated fat.

That's a pretty effective way to lose weight fast but safely as long as you have the will-power to avoid all the sugary temptations that seem to present themselves at every turn! A really big fat-busting strategy for many people is to start by giving up soda (that includes diet soda) altogether and effectively cutting around 400 calories per can, which can make a huge difference.

Incredible Story of Success

But her incredible story on losing all that fat has certainly inspired plenty of people to do something about their own figures. Fans have also been copying her exercise routines and finding that getting active is surprisingly effective at not only shedding the excess pounds but in also toning up the body.

What a surprise!

In fact in addition to all her many fans, her own family has been busy losing weight in an attempt to keep up with the popular star. It just goes to show that it's possible to do what the stars do and that includes losing weight!


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Sab says:

Heya I am for the first time here at your weight loss site and I am a big fan of Jennifer Hudson. I am so glad she lost all that weight and had the guts to talk about it on Oprah. She is a truly talented woman and seems like a lovely person, too!