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More Belly Fat May Mean Less Life

It's becoming fairly common knowledge that being overweight or obese is linked with many illnesses and conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension etc.

What is less known is that people who are obese tend not to live as long as they could when compared with those that maintain a healthy weight.

weight loss and belly fatBut one facet of being overweight can contribute to a lessening of lifespan more than any other and that is having a large waistline, or more commonly called a fat belly.

Watch Your Waist

Irrespective of BMI (Body Mass Index), research has proved that the bigger the waist size, the more tendency for a shorter life coupled with an increase in health problems.

Researchers from the Atlanta Cancer Society conducted tests in this area on around 100,000 people. The research team's findings successfully brought to light the startling results that people with larger waistlines tend to have twice the chance of a shorter life expectancy than people with flatter tummies.

The research team, which was led by Eric J. Jacobs studied more than 48,500 men and 56,343 women, measuring their waist size amongst other vital statistics. The results showed that men with a waist size that exceeded 47 inches and women with a waist size that exceeded 42 inches are far more at risk.

Bearing those results in mind, if your waist size exceeds the above limits, you ought to consider very seriously your options. Even if you are not considered obese or even overweight, if your waist is large, you should not relax thinking you are okay as this study has removed all doubts on the matter. It may be time to consider what weight loss solutions might be best for you. Regardless of your BMI or your perceived level of health, if your waist is over the limit, your life may be at risk.

Visceral (Belly) Fat

This is mainly due to the fact that visceral fat (belly fat) has been shown to go hand in hand with the formation of certain cancers, high blood pressure and coronary disease. It can be reduced by getting sufficient daily exercise combined with eating a healthy diet that is low in high GI carbs, refined sugars and saturated fats.

You can see for yourself what a big difference this change in lifestyle can bring for you when you take a look at the Suzanne Somers sexy forever program. The popular actress may be advancing in chronological years, but her physical appearance is that of a woman many, many years younger!

Obesity leads to many health problems in people who should concentrate more on maintaining a more healthy diet and lifestyle in order to keep a check on their levels of belly fat.

Getting slimmer and maintaining a healthy body size may not be enough, after the results of this study have shown that reducing belly size is also an important factor in prolonging life.


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