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Ricky Gervais Weight Loss Stuns Emmys

He has become almost unrecognizable, slimming down to a Hollywood size after having lived there for a few years. The creator of the cult UK TV comedy series The Office, Ricky Gervais was once a portly figure.

But not any more. Gervais has lost a lot of the old weight and has stunned viewers at the Emmys with his new svelte look.

A New Image

Ricky Gervias weight lossSlimmed down to a trimmer figure, sporting a spiffy, smaller velvet jacket, the popular British comedian looked totally at home rubbing shoulders with the image conscious Tinseltown set.

Here he is pictured on the red carpet appearing at the Emmys with his partner Jane Fallon sporting a slim new image that has certainly caught the media eye.

In similar fashion to Kelly Osbourne (daughter of Ozzy) who was also showing off a new smaller figure, Ricky's appearance stunned the many onlookers at the awards ceremony with a look that is a far cry from the "Billy Bunter" figure we have all come to know him by.


Recently, Gervais admitted that he was somewhat "flattered" when people noticed and remarked on his weight loss change. It hasn't happened by magic or been sudden. However, as he let on that he had a home gym installed at his house. Ricky says,

"I'm still a 36-inch waist so I'm hardly Posh Spice!"

There is little mention of a diet change but we have to assume he has stopped eating many of the things that were helping to maintain his bigger size and opted for healthier alternatives. That level of weight loss can only come from a reduction in carbs or sugar combined with working out.

Let's hope we see more of the comedy actor, albeit less of him in the actual flesh, appearing in some more funny movies. Ricky has a very special talent that can make people laugh before he even opens his mouth. And that's priceless no matter what he weighs!

As a special treat, here is a short video of some of the best moments in Series 1 of The Office:


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2 thoughts on "Ricky Gervais Weight Loss Stuns Emmys"

Denny says:

Ricky Gervais is one funny dude. He reminds me of a modern version of Oliver Hardy (you know, Laurel and Hardy!) Guess we'll be seeing less of him now... :-)

Chris says:

I used to watch old episodes of "The Office" and that dude was so funny. It was eerie how he could just stop and look right at the camera without even saying anything and I'd laugh myself senseless! I couldn't believe the transformation when I saw him on the news the other day looking so slim compared to before. So he lost all that weight just in a home gym? Crazy!