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Proactol Review

If you waqnt to lose some weight with the help of a diet supplement, you may read this Proactol review and find out about this fat burning weight loss supplement and how it works to help you reduce your body's fat levels.

You can then decide that it might be the right weight loss supplement for you. The benefits to people in terms of reducing their size are explained in this review that follows.

While this site is primarily aimed at reviewing and reporting on natural methods of reducing fat levels and getting in shape, from time to time we will take a look at one or other product that is on the market and review it after doing some research to make sure we have all the facts. In this post, which is an original written for weightlossgo.com by the author who is a paid affiliate of Proactol, I take a look at this popular and successful fat burning supplement.

There are plenty of people who like the idea of taking a magic pill and losing weight while they waste their life in front of the TV. But don't be fooled into believing this or any other product can do that for you.

It can't. And nor can anything else no matter what the manufacturers claim. Having said that, there are some pills or supplements that you can work with that will help the weight loss process go a little more easily. One of those products is Proactol, which is getting a lot of media interest just lately.

Does Proactol Work?

The maker's claim that their fat burning pill is capable of binding up a proportion of fats in the food you eat so that your body does not absorb so much of them, preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss. OK so far. There was a university study of Proactol quoted in material we have researched, although we haven't found any mention of which university or when it was done, so while it may be worth mentioning this, it is not substantiated.

The study is supposed to have been done by ten healthy participants of which five were men and five were women and they were then divided into two groups, of which one group received pills containing the genuine ingredients, while the control group were given pills containing a placebo. Neither group were told whether their pills were real or the placebo.

The participants took their pills after each meal for the period of one week. During that time they ate the same standard meals so each participant consumed the same amount of fat.

The results were analyzed by measuring the total amount of fat found in the feces of the participants following each seven day consumption period. It was found that the quantity of fat found in the feces in those who took Proactol was 27.4% higher than that found in the feces of the control group who took the placebo. No side-effects or any discomfort was reported by any of the participants.

OK, that was the science part and you can take from that what you will. The reality is probably a little different as for one thing, the level of fat in your food is not necessarily responsible for weight gain, nor the lack of it for its loss.

You can eat a ton of totally fat free food that is otherwise laden with refined sugars and get obese. The study made no mention of the types of fat found in the tests so the pills could be removing good fats (such as the omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as beneficial monounsaturated fats) from your food along with any bad fats such as the saturated and trans fats that are harmful to health.

Taking a pill and expecting to lose weight is not the best way to go about things, as it could lead some people into a false sense of security and have them believe they can eat whatever they like and not put on weight, or even lose it. This is potentially problematic especially for people who are easily convinced about such things.

The Weight Loss Benefits of Proactol

So after that scathing put down, are there actually any real benefits to taking this product as a fat burning supplement?

Actually, yes, there are but it is in using the product as a "supplement" and there is the operative term. If used as part of a sensible diet which is combined with daily exercise, then there can be benefits to reducing the level of fats that the body absorbs through food, although you should make sure that you take any omega 3, 6, or 9 supplements at different times to the Proactol pills to ensure that your body does absorb those beneficial fats.

You can lose weight with the pills if you use them as just described and they may assist with the weight loss process especially if you are often unable to lose weight through conventional means (diet and exercise alone), although you should not take them in place of a good, healthy diet and regular exercise.

Buy Proactol

In the end, the choice is yours. If you are considering trying this product to help you lose weight more easily, then you can get more information by clicking this link: {temporarily disabled} or clicking on any of the images contained in this article. More information on the latest incarnation of this product can be found in my Proactol XS Review in a separate article on this site.


Posted on Mon, 14 Jun 2010 in Weight Loss Resources | 4 Comments

4 thoughts on "Proactol Review"

techie says:

I was looking into Procatol and I found your site in my travels. That's a really good review of the product and it tells me a whole load more than many of the other so-called reviews I found while researching it. Most of them are just trying to sell it to me, yours actually explains it and why I should or should not use it. Thanks for being honest.

Kudos to you man.

hamed says:

Amazing.. It feels good to find someone who has concern for things that are usually overlooked. You said “No matter how pleasant something would appear, there will always be a room for improvement” and you have clearly brought it out in this post on Proactol Reviews Information and Advice. So all weight loss diet seekers must find it interesting too.

Vaughan says:

I want to say that was an interesting article about this particular supplement, thank you.

I tried Proactol just over 2 months ago as part of a calorie control diet I was put on by my doctor. I guess it helped me cause over the space of four weeks I steadily lost around 4 pounds per week, 16 pounds total in all. I was very happy with that result and even though I don't take Procatol anymore, I still eat close to the diet my doctor gave me and my weight has stabilized now for over a month.

While I believe the diet was probably the main factor in my weight loss over that time, I'm sure it was boosted by the Proactol I was taking, so I believe it helped me to get rid of the excess weight and I would tell anyone who asked me to give it a go too.

Michael says:

I'm not too sure if my Proactol review is scientific like you read about, but all I can say is that I used it for a full month along with eating a pretty healthy diet most of the time and not doing anything much else like exercise or the like. In that time, I lost 14 pounds so whether I can attribute the whole of that to Proactol, I don't know.

What I do know is that by using this product it sort of got me in the right frame of mind to eat better than normal and to eat less junk foods, so it had quite an impact on my weight whether directly or indirectly I can't tell exactly.

I had no ill effects and didn't feel any different, so I guess it was perfectly safe to use. My verdict is that it was good for me and I lost weight, which is all I wanted to do.

Thanks for giving me the chance to write in and tell my story!