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Christina Milian Weight Loss Secret Revealed!

Many new moms have a tough time losing the weight they put on through pregnancy, but singer Christina Milian has a successful post-baby weight loss secret that we can now reveal!

If you're waiting with baited breath for some miracle, easy-as-popping-a-pill answer, you may just be a little surprised.

How Did She Do It?

Christina Milian weight lossHow did Christina Milian regain her great pre-baby figure and lose the 45 pounds she gained through her pregnancy after she gave birth in February? It was all down to her own mom! Yep, the singer has a very supportive family.

After the break-up of her short, three month marriage to "The Dream" who she married in September 2009 and the trauma of the divorce, then having her baby in February, it seemed that it would be all too easy to fall into the trap of hanging on to the excess weight. But Christina's mom had other ideas and made sure her girl ate good, wholesome and healthy home cooked meals!

She ate a lot of raw vegetables and salads with plenty of proteins as well as drinking lots of plain water.

And that's it!

Can It Be Too Simple?

As unbelievably simple as it sounds, eating healthy home cooked meals is an excellent way to keep your weight in check and to help you lose some if you need to. It's much better than eating a diet of processed and ready-made meals that so many people do these days because of the sheer convenience of them.

But those meals are part of the cause of the nation's obesity epidemic coupled with the sedentary lifestyle led by so many people.

Of course Christina had another natural aid to losing weight and that was breast feeding her baby. It has been proved through numerous studies that nursing moms lose more of the weight the put on through pregnancy when they breast feed than do moms who opt to bottle feed.

How To Lose Weight Eating a Natural Diet

There really is no big secret to making your food be your weight loss solution. I talk about it a lot in this blog!

First, you have to stop eating ALL processed foods. These include anything that you buy at the store that's in a packet, can or jar and includes all foods containing refined carbs (white flour products), added sugar, sugar substitutes. That also includes drinks, so NO SODA (or diet soda)!

Second you replace all that junk with real food.

Switching to a plant-based diet is extremely effective, but you don't have to if you don't want to. Source meat from organic producers and make sure the animals it comes from are grass-fed, free range and NOT from factory farms where they're fed grains and unnatural feeds and injected with hormones and antibiotics.

Get fish fresh-caught and NOT from farmed sources. Farmed fish is full of pollutants and toxins and will do you more harm than good.

Go buy fresh vegetables and fruit and prepare them in your kitchen. Eat as much of it raw as you can and cook a small percentage of it that needs to be cooked to make it palatable.

Starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and bulking foods like quinoa, oats etc should be cooked, of course.

Eating a predominantly raw vegetable diet will force your digestive system to burn a lot more calories to digest it, while providing your body with a lot more of the nutrients contained in the food that is otherwise destroyed in cooking.

Do this and you won't believe the transformation on how you look and feel in only a few short weeks.


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