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Kelly Osbourne Attracts Bullies Over Weight Loss

Since losing all her excess weight and looking slim and trim, rocker Kelly Osbourne has been attracting the LA bully girls who now see her as a threat and rival.

Having shed a lot of fat over the course of several months, a slimmer, fitter looking rock star has burst onto the scene!

Out Came the Claws

Kelly Osbourne weight lossAll that glitters may not be gold, but in Los Angeles this is where the rich and famous like to steal as much of the limelight as they can, even of it means stealing someone else's. Now we find that "the beautiful people" have turned their unwanted attention on the new skinny Kelly Osbourne after she lost all that weight.

Kelly has told reporters that since she managed to lose her chubby figure and gain a svelte, trim and sexy one instead through sensible dieting and exercise, the girls she once thought of as friends have turned nasty on her. It seems the claws are out and the target is Kelly right now. She is reported as saying:

"My weight? People don't realise it's as shocking to me as it is to them. When they open up a magazine and they see it... I'm still getting used to seeing me like this and the changes and the way that... it's weird! Girls in Hollywood don't like you because you become competition. They have started to get much more nasty. You think, 'Usually you say hi and now you don't.'"

Well, it seems that those LA starlets certainly have plenty of competition, with a new-look slimline rock chick to ruffle their feathers!

Coming to Terms with New Look

The 25 year old Miss Osbourne, daughter of infamous rocker and self styled "Angel of Darkness" Ozzy, is still coming to terms with her new look. After splitting up with cheating fiance Luke Worrall earlier in the year, she hasn't been seen with anyone else.

She says that at the moment she feels too strong in herself to want to start anything with another man. Maybe she'll soften some when the right one comes along, as many of her fans may well be hoping.

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3 thoughts on "Kelly Osbourne Attracts Bullies Over Weight Loss"

Jackie says:

One of my goals in life is to lose some weight. When I hear stories of people like Kelly Osbourne who was a fat teen and young woman for so many years and then suddenly found the strength to lose it all, I feel like I can do it too. Shame on all those nasty spoiled brats in LA for bullying her over her achievment. They should get back to their diet pills and botox and look up to Kelly, who lost her weight naturally!

Jessica says:

I'm not really too sympathetic over Kelly Osbourne and the LA bitches who allegedly taunt and bully her. After all, she was the queen bitch while she was fat, always had plenty to say about other prettier women. She has been a loud mouthed, pampered, spoiled wild child for too long and now she has lost all that weight and looks pretty hot herself, is it any wonder that everyone else is getting their own back? What goes around comes around, girl!

baby says:

Kelly Osbourne is just awesome for what she did and brave to tell about the bullies and how she lost that weight. She rocks!