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Does Alli Work as a Weight Loss Pill?

Welcome back and in this post I want to take a look at the weight loss pill known as Alli, primarily to decide whether it can really help you to lose weight, or not as the case may be.

As a paid affiliate of one of the vendors that sells Alli, I feel it's important to present my trademark unbiased and balanced review of the product that I am also promoting through this article.

There are plenty of pills and supplements designed to help people to lose weight on the market these days. And it might seem like a confusing state of affairs for anyone who is overweight and feeling a little inundated with the vast choice that is before you.

So it is my intention that this Alli review will go some way to dispelling any uncertainties surrounding this particular supplement and help you decide if it can help you.

What is Alli

According to the blurb on official looking websites promoting this product, Alli is good for adults who want to lose weight and are overweight with a BMI of 28 or over.

As long as you understand the importance of eating sensibly when you’re trying to lose that excess weight, it can help. It goes on to read that if you know what it feels like to get onto the bathroom scales and not see much evidence of any reduction as you were expecting, then this pill could be exactly what you need.

So what is that saying to you? Well, all that says is that as long as you know that you should eat right but you're not seeing good results with your slimming strategy, then supplementing with Alli can help make it work better. Here's is some more info on what exactly it is and what it does:

Alli is a diet capsule that is intended to be used in conjunction with a support program designed to help improve your strategy's chances of success at reducing their physical size. It has been clinically proven that by including Alli with a calorie controlled, reduced fat diet, it can help improve your rate of weight loss by as much as 50 percent.

It works by preventing a proportion of the fat you consume in food from being absorbed by your body. That means that for every 2 pounds you lose by eating healthily, by using Alli as well you can lose a further 1 pound. It is also worth noting that Alli is the very first aid to losing weight available only in pharmacies that is licensed throughout the European Union.

The Verdict

The information provided by studies conducted into this product seem to prove the claims that by adding Alli to a low fat, low calorie diet, you can increase the number of pounds you lose by as much as half again. However, that information comes from non-independent studies, so they could be skewed in favor of the product.

The best way is to try them for yourself. That way, you will see whether they are effective or not. It is a relatively inexpensive diet supplement so getting a month supply is affordable and if you don't see results within that time, you haven't really lost much.

On the flip side, if they work well for you, then you have found a good product that is licensed in the EU and certified safe to use for most people, but read the label first just to be sure. Click the image to the right for a great deal and a great price on this great diet supplement.


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2 thoughts on "Does Alli Work as a Weight Loss Pill?"

Rose says:

Usually I do not comment on blogs, but I read this article and found it pretty true to life. I would like to say that I tried Alli and all I can say is that I started losing weight faster than before -- some weeks I was losing 4-5 pounds and in total over 3 months I lost 42 pounds combining Alli with my low calorie diet. It sure worked for me, so thanks for a really nice article.

Mick says:

What you wrote about Alli was on the nail. You made some good solid points there. I used it for awhile and I lost 8 pounds in weight quite easily over four weeks without changing my regular diet. Its a good supplement for lazy people like myself who can't be bothered to stick out a diet! Thanks for the review.