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How to Simplify the Weight Loss Process

In this post I will explain to you how to simplify the weight loss process in terms that make sense and are easy enough to understand and apply in your daily lifestyle.

The main reason for this spot is that what we know and use as tips for achieving the body beautiful come in many types that can often be confusing or even downright contradictory with each other.

This is a common problem found when taking on several different weight loss programs either at the same time or one after the other in the relentless search for something that actually works.

Often, such scrambles for a solution to what you see as an insurmountable problem tend to be self defeating and only serve to reinforce the belief that such problems really are untenable.

Stop Complicating Things

Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. It's better not to try to figure out how to lose weight fast or unnaturally. The worst thing anyone can do when trying to shed pounds is to over complicate things to such an extent that they end up trying to do so many different things at once that they often end up canceling each other out!

The answer to most people's problems with regard to losing weight is to simplify things as much as possible. This will stop you stressing over whether you've remembered to do this or that exercise, or added or taken away this or that food or food group from your diet. When things are kept simple, they seem a lot less trying than complicated stuff.

It's a fact of life!

So on to how to simplify the process as much as possible.

Start at the Start

First thing you need to do, and this is one the most important of all tips, is to start the whole process off by weighing yourself and writing it down at the top of the page, marked as "Starting Weight" or something similar that holds true to your way of speaking. That's because it's like you talking to yourself from that page.

Next step is writing down exactly what you want to achieve. That includes the exact amount of weight (in pounds or kilos) that you want to lose and a realistic time frame in which you want to lose it in. So you can write something like "I want to be 6 pounds lighter than my Starting Weight within the next 6 weeks." Remember it has to be achievable and believable by you.

After you have defined exactly what it is you want to achieve, you can then begin by writing down the daily things that you will do to bring that wish into reality and make it happen. This is a place where many people get caught up in too many details.

Keep a Written Record of Your Progress

So of all areas of your own personal weight loss program such as Nutrisystem or whatever it is you will be using, keep this part as simple as you can possibly make it.

It must include two important factors which are necessary for any strategy to be successful. That of an exercise program and a diet program.

It's no good doing one without the other, as you diminish the effectiveness of either by trying to only do one and not the other. It doesn't need to be tough, or rigorous, just something that you know you can stick to on a daily basis and that you will enjoy doing. That goes for both the diet and the exercise by the way!

I've already explained quite extensively in previous posts in this blog some of the many forms of exercise that are not only effective, but fun to do and easy to stick with, so I won't go repeating them all again here. Same with effective diets, although you should know by now that it is not wise to cut out any major food group from your diet.

Cut Down

When we're talking about major food groups that each provide certain nutrients the body needs: "Cut down but don't cut out" is a good rule of thumb with any diet.

So this step of the simplified weight loss process entails you writing down a list of exercises that you can do daily plus a list of foods that you will cut down on - and mean to do it!

Seek out a good book on diet and nutrition and spend some time learning which foods provide which nutrients that your body needs and then make sure you include those foods in your diet. Group them together so that all meals include the major food groups of proteins and carbohydrates with power packed superfoods to deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals make a good way of how to increase metabolism, immune system and help to build healthy muscle while cutting fat as you exercise.

Cut Out

It goes without saying that you should make it your mission to cut out all fast food, junk food, fizzy soda drinks, sweets and candies, cakes and biscuits from your diet, while allowing yourself a margin of error for those times when you will allow yourself a small treat from the banned list. That helps to remind you that you are human and not a machine and it's OK to cheat just a little as long as you don't make a habit of doing it often!

Once you have all of that written down, sign it as a means of making it your pledge to yourself and then stick it in a prominent place - the refrigerator door is a good one, or the door to the food cupboard - anywhere you'll see it several times a day.

The rest couldn't be easier, because you now have your simplified slimming program right in front of your eyes and you know you've made it simple enough to follow each and every day, meaning that success is already yours in advance!


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