For those that have been following this Top 100 Weight Loss Tips series, it moves along with article 46 in this excellent series. In this article, I want to make it clear to anyone who still believes that they can simply pop a pill and watch their weight drop as if by magic, while they stay rooted to their sofa in front of the TV and eat whatever they like. Well, I hate to spoil the illusion, but there really is no magic pill that will do it for you. Here’s why.

Why There is No Magic Weight Loss Pill

You wouldn’t believe how many people are of the opinion that you can simply take a magic pill to make the weight drop off. Well that’s pure nonsense! There is absolutely no such thing as some kind of magic pill, because it doesn’t exist any more than magic beans will make a magic beanstalk grow where you can climb up and find the goose that laid the golden egg! You don’t believe that’s true as well, right?

Even so, the industry is hell-bent on marketing the next best thing, or so they would have you believe. There are plenty of fat-burning, weight dissolving drug commercials both on TV and in the glossy magazines that promise you amazing results without really substantiating their claims and glossing over the thruth. Don’t fall victim to all the hype, because hype is all it is.

If you really listen to what’s being said or read the ads closely, you’ll see with your own eyes that every single one of the so-called diet pills are only effective when they are combined with a proper, healthy diet and doing some daily form of exercise. This is something they actually state in their own advertisements, but they do it in a way that most people don’t notice it. Its just clever marketing and advertising that gets people to want the product because the clever advertisers have created that desire in the viewers to the point where they don’t see what they don’t want you to see.

Worse is that there are side-effects that are associated with these drugs (yes, they are drugs!) and they are often far worse than any problems you might have with some additional weight. Unless you really are so obese that your weight really is life threatening, then just working with a good, healthy diet and exercising daily will have the same effect without the side effects and extra cost.

There are also available a newer breed of herbal based weight loss supplements that are claimed to help you lose weight by binding up a percentage of the fat contained in the food you eat. These supplements, such as Clinislim, Decatrim, Proactol and similar have some partial effect on helping people to lose weight. But they must be combined with eating an already healthy diet or working with a low calorie diet plan such as Nutrisystem or eDiets or similar and getting enough exercise to be effective.

As an aside, if you want to pop pills to help with your weight, you can opt for a good quality multivitamin to boost your body’s nutrient levels. Often, when the body lacks a certain nutrient or group of nutrients, the metabolism can be impaired. But that’s a topic for another article down the line…

100 Weight Loss Tips number 45 follows in the next post!

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