Nutrisystem Latest TV Ads Show Janet Jackson New Slim Figure

This is the news that Nutrisystem latest TV ads show Janet Jackson's new slim figure to help promote the most popular diet meal delivery brand in the US.

Janet Jackson shows off her new super slim svelte figure to millions of viewers in the latest round of the media's Nutrisystem commercials.

janet jackson new slim figure from nutrisystemIt was hailed as a major coop back in December when Nutrisystem announced their newest and to date highest profile celebrity spokesperson Janet Jackson, who follows on from a high profile line of celebrities like Marie Osmond.

Overcomes Weight Problem

At the time the singer was still battling with a weight problem and although she still looked good, openly admitted that she wanted to lose some more weight for the cameras.

Her alliance with America's most popular diet food delivery weight loss diet program paved the way for massive publicity for both the singer and the diet company.

The initial wave of commercials to hit the TV were cleverly orchestrated to get people's attention that Janet was now endorsing Nutrisystem. That initial flurry of mutual brand boosting played all the right notes with the viewing public and saw sales of the popular diet plans increase significantly.

Three months on and the transformation of Nutrisystem's most public of figures has wowed the nation with her much slimmer body. It sent the message that you can look this good too if you sign up with Nutrisystem with its celebrity chef inspired menu!

The high profile singer tells viewers in her latest commercials:

"I lost the pounds I wanted to lose, and you can too. This is what success looks like!"

The camera pans out enticingly as more and more of Janet's amazing new figure is revealed to the nation in a way designed to create maximum impact.

New Svelte Figure

You can't help but let out an involuntary gasp as the entirety of her incredible svelte figure is slowly and temptingly revealed.

Her amazing look and obvious confidence in the delivery of her sales promotional talk provide a rare insight into the incredible transformation for one of the nation's favorite celebrities.

One can't help noticing that this amazing transformation will have a very positive effect on the credibility of America's top meal replacement diet company that is already about as high profile as it gets.

One thing is for sure, the latest TV commercials are sure to be a big hit amongst all viewers as Janet is such a popular and well loved celebrity. Nutrisystem's sales figures are also sure to take a big rise as Janet's attractive new figure attracts plenty of new customers!


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