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See Yourself Losing Weight with Photos

My own Top 100 Weight Loss Tips are still counting down with this article numbered 86 in the series with each new article another great top tip on the many ways to lose weight naturally, simply and safely.

This post looks at the idea of using before and after photographs to actually see yourself losing weight in a graphically visual way. Remember, the camera doesn't lie (it's the clever photoshop manipulators that do that...)

You may have noticed a slight change in format for this post and it's one I will adopt for the entire series, so the main titles are a little easier to read and more manageable.

Losing Weight with Photos

As I was saying, one truly un-arguable way of losing weight naturally is to watch your progress as it unfolds by enlisting the help of the camera. It's quite easy to do this and a powerful way of reinforcing your motivation to succeed.

When you get started on your own weight loss strategy, take a "before" photo so that you will have a permanent graphical image of exactly what you're going to be moving away from in the "old" you. If it helps by way of a constant reminder of what it is you have decided to set out and achieve, stick a copy of that image to your fridge. Better make it a big blow-up copy!

The main reasoning behind this is to keep you constantly and visually reminded of why you are trying to lose weight!

You need a good, high profile starting point and you need to remember where that is. So by seeing yourself as an overweight lump staring back at yourself from one of the main places where you are likely to cheat from, the fridge, then you are more likely to get annoyed with yourself enough to motivate you to stick to your guns!

Write a Blog with Images

You can take this one step further and post pictures of your progress on a blog, or on a really public place like Facebook if you're feeling really brash! Although you may get some flack about your methods of losing weight from friends and relatives of you go public in that way.

The good part about this particular exercise is that as you do progress, the photos will get better each time. Then you will start feeling very proud of yourself for getting to each stage of your diet, represented by a new photo. When you feel proud of your achievements, you are going to be spurred on to even greater achievements!

This works so well because as time moves on and you can visibly see the changes in your body (for the better). As each pound drops off and you tone up a little more each week, you will feel even more proud of yourself. It follows that you will be all the more inclined, or better determined to see your diet plan and/or exercise program all the way to its happy and successful conclusion.

Compare Photos

What better way to bolster your confidence by being able to compare photos two or more weeks apart and see the difference as it unfolds before you! This is such a powerful exercise in positive thought, belief and confidence that you give yourself far more chance of succeeding than someone who doesn't use this simple yet clever strategy.

Don't allow yourself succumb to any embarrassment or shyness, because these things will keep you fat! Throw off those negative feelings and embrace the positive devil may care attitude.

This will be far more likely to push you through the barriers of temptation that creep up on you, especially if you're feeling down. Throw caution to the wind and take those pictures of yourself as you really are. And then enjoy the ride as you lose weight week by week and have a photo album of the living proof to remind yourself that you are doing it and succeeding!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 85 follows along in the next post!


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Gail says:

This is a good idea to save on some of the weight loss paraphernalia that is hyped to death. Yeah, a photo of a fat person on the fridge door is a good way to stop that person opening it and rummaging around inside for snacks. great idea, in fact - thanks!