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You want to lose weight, right? Notice that this website has a dedicated series of 100 weight loss tips to help you to lose it in a variety of ways. Why so many?

Because we don't all lose the excess fat the same. What helps one person may not be so effective for another.

weight lossThis website is designed to make getting slimmer as easy as possible.

My blog provides loads of new, useful information, so you're sure to find something to suit you personally.

Find how to easily lose weight right here, right now!

Weight loss success comes to those who are determined and persistent, have an "I CAN" attitude and take responsibility for their own welfare and health.

Be one of those people!

You never need to give up when there are so many things to try. If one thing doesn't work for you, then simply shrug your shoulders and try the next.

Remember, if you never give up, you can never fail!

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Weight Loss Go

So welcome to Weight Loss Go, where you're going to learn how to easily lose weight without stress.

This website has been created to help people in their endless battle to lose weight but with several differences from the majority of weight loss sites that are out there in cyberspace. I aim to help you to lose weight slowly and easily without any of the strict diets or exercise regimes that make up the majority of weight loss programs.

Here are some of the ways this site will differ from and break away from the mainstream way of thinking:

I think that covers most of the major weight loss methods and procedures. So you must now be shaking your head and wondering how on earth you're expected to lose weight when you can't have or do any of the above! Well, there is no magic pill and no miracle to be performed.

It's all down to you and your actual desire... not so much to lose weight, although with our help you will, but to attain your desired body shape, your desired state of health and of course your desired ideal weight.

Sound too good to be true? Well, like many of you, I was told by my parents that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. So is this any different?


No Miracles

As I already said, it won't be a miracle weight loss procedure or magic pill and I'll add to that by stating for the record that it won't happen overnight. You will NOT lose a lot of weight quickly by following my advice. You will, however begin to get fitter and feel healthier and gradually your weight will drop and settle at your perceived ideal weight.

Now, that ideal weight may not correspond to what a glossy magazine says it should be. More often than not, those glossy magazines give you such an untrue and unattainable perception of what the ideal weight should be that most people will spend their whole lives trying to satisfy that model.

You don't need advice like that as it will just make you feel bad about yourself if you can't satisfy it. Better to have some more down to earth, common sense advice that you can follow!

So my first piece of common sense advice to you is this:

Throw out all those glossy magazines that tell you what you should weigh. It may be fine for a healthy 20 year old with an already great figure but it is not fine if you're older and your figure is not that of a fashion model. You have to get real.

Here's my second piece of common sense advice:


If you have worked out your Body Mass Index (BMI) and it tells you that you're way overweight, cast a discerning eye over it but don't make it your immutable law! BMI is only good if you have an average body shape, skeletal structure and overall muscle density. If you don't, then it's not accurate.

BMI does not take into account whether the majority of your weight is made up of heavier, dense muscle cells or lighter, sparser fat cells.

It also doesn't take into account your body shape, so a shorter person with lots of muscle may show as overweight when they are actually at their ideal weight and level of health and fitness. Or it can show a tall thin person with a lithe and wiry figure as being painfully underweight, when in fact they are at their peak of fitness.

So there are my first two common sense weight loss tips and I haven't even written my first proper article! How's that for a nice welcome to a website!

So until my articles start to flow, ditch the glossy mags and skinny model mindset and don't strive to be what you can't be!

Instead, strive for what you CAN be!